Stormer, Volume 84: A Christchurch Retrospective

Daily Stormer
March 31, 2019

It’s been three weeks since Christchurch, and the immediate dopamine-induced grin produced by playing the video of the assault on the Al Qaeda terrorist mosque has long faded. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a hell of a great event for morale across the Internet. From the beginning of the reel when Tarrant said “remember lads: Subscribe to Pewdiepie” I began laughing hysterically, and a kind of joy filled my soul that was like something pure from my childhood. It felt like rushing to the living room on Saturday morning for cartoons when I was 7. I felt spiritually renewed watching that video, and I cried tears of joy. I felt an immense amount of gratitude and love for Tarrant and everything he did. My heart was with Tarrant, and I don’t know a single one of my peers from the 20 years I have been heavily on the Internet that did not feel the same. After months of wandering in a barren wasteland of Internet, one man stood up to make the memes sing again.

But though all our hearts are with Tarrant, our heads must be grounded against him. Though I don’t think what he did causes any harm. Quite the contrary in fact– I think we learned a lot from Tarrant about how bloodthirsty massive swaths of the populace really are. People absolutely despise these Moslems, and a mass shooting at a mosque quickly revealed how much that normal, everyday people on absolute normie platforms like Breitbart want to see them dead and will cheer on anyone putting a bullet in the faces of even their women and children. There are other kinetic targets in recent memory which saw similar public support. When there was a mass shooting at the Capital Gazette, a Maryland newspaper, the collective response from normal members of the public was largely that the media had it coming and should stop attacking people. When Nasim Aghdam shot up YouTube headquarters, the public’s outcry was mostly in disappointment that she didn’t manage to kill anyone.

Bill Hicks made a joke once that I loved. He said, “You know how I know there’s no God? All these school shootings and not a single one of them was ever at a law school.” The audience roared with laughter, and Bill Hicks did that characteristic mad grin and cackle of a man that eats a lot of mushrooms. Bill Hicks was a guy that also did an extensive skit in support of gun control, but his joke is an acknowledgement of his own primordial desire for violence. It feels good to think of the people you hate the most dying. Just as people cheered on the gleeful execution of a Moslem woman in New Zealand crying “help me” on the ground, and cheered when YouTube employees were being shot, there are dozens of categories of people that would see massive public support if they were executed by lone wolves.

There’s only one reason why what Tarrant did was wrong: his life was worth more than this. He could seek Valhalla at any time, and there’s no real evidence that what he did moved the marker in the slightest. Authoritarian victory has come from four paths throughout history:

  1. Elections. Adolf Hitler had to take control of the entire German Parliament to be appointed Chancellor and get the Enabling Act passed to remove the limits on his power. So either you go start running for office, or you engage in support positions on actual, viable political candidacies.
  2. Military coup. It’s even more common than elections in poorer countries and how Franco got into power. You can get this done simply by occupying the officer positions of the most relevant aspects of military infrastructure and having troops more loyal to you than the political establishment.
  3. Support from larger power. An existing political opposition bloc gets funded by a much richer nation that backs the coup. This happened for Pinochet. But it requires a time of political chaos and for you to be significantly far along with #1 or #2 and occupy a position of significant authority in the world. This is possible in many parts of Europe but probably not on the table for America because we have the biggest, most powerful military in the world. Even if the entirety of the rest of the world combined went up against the United States, they would likely lose.
  4. Superior technology. It is a very rare event but it did happen in the Meiji restoration. The Choshu and Satsuma domains, backing a nationalist revival of the Emperor, acquired Gatling guns, Minié rifles, modern revolvers, and Armstrong howitzers from learning English and trading with foreign weapons manufacturers that put them over a century in technological capabilities regarding warfare. Nowadays technology spreads quickly between nations so this is less likely, but we cannot rule out the sudden appearance of new technologies that provide asymmetric benefit– e.g. they inherently provide more benefit to outsiders than the existing establishment. Imagine for a minute if there were 3D printers which could cheaply print tanks and fighter jets. It would be detrimental to the status quo of the state, which currently has a monopoly on the industrial means to produce serious military hardware. Also it is likely that automation technologies (like guns that can aim and fire themselves) will reduce the need to have large bodies of men involved in many kinds of military operations. Nevertheless, you will have to get a reasonable way through #1 or #2 to make use of this. Random nips couldn’t have accomplished this, it took existing military factions to transform this new technology into political dominance.

Victory is going to hinge on your ability to achieve institutional authority and nothing else. Like it or not, these are the only ways in which an authoritarian dictatorship comes about. Bad time preference behaviors, from marching in the streets in public demonstrations to mass killing of random undesirables do nothing to advance the cause.

Though it is interesting to note that public goon march demonstrations result in far more catastrophic damage to our political adherents and infrastructure than lone wolf partisan attacks.

I see a lot of halfassed rebuttals to this reality of the need to work to garner institutional power.

“Whites will be a minority in my nation soon, and it will be impossible for them to gain seats.”

Ed Case is currently the Rep for Hawaii’s 1st Congressional district, and it is less than 20% white. The demographics are abysmal, but he still manages to occupy the position. If whites can still hold seats in the least white areas in the country, being a minority does not mean they will not occupy the halls of power in most if not all places. Have you ever looked at the Mexican supreme court? It is whiter than America’s.

As the country gets browner, it can be progressively easier for our guys to get seats, because brown people are really dumb and easily manipulated. You just get up there and lie and cheat, do whatever it takes to get elected, so you can advance yourself along the line of the plan. West Virginia’s governor just ran as a Democrat, with extensive support from unions, and switched parties to become a Trumper after getting into office. Take a hint from current politicians and know that your promises to your base and donors are irrelevant, and in no way constrain your actions at any given time in office.

Second, even assuming the browning of any given district meant the doom of any white’s ability to achieve office there, a browned nation will still have white pockets in it. West Virginia is around 94% white. A serious attempt at Balkanizing the US would start with dominating the state legislature and governor seat of a single state, and using that political leverage to push a secession from the union. Inviting other states in a bloc to do the same would split America apart very quickly. Even if whites become less than 20% of the population, there will still be plenty of parts of it that are majority white.

Finally, certain nonwhite populations might have their own reasons for attacking major sources of Jewish power, like Ilhan Omar, or Louis Farrakhan. Black commentator Tariq Nasheed openly asks why blacks continue to support immigration when it is clearly causing financial harm to their own communications. Coalitions might be formed, given adequate conditions, which other minority groups whose interests are aligned with working class white interests.

“Nationalists are systematically pushed out of the halls of power.”

This is true, and it does not invalidate the need to flood them.

Less than a century ago there was an actual systemic blacklist against Communists working in most industries. Even media– the Communist blacklisting was heeded and fully implemented in Hollywood. The idea of women in significant quantity in positions of authority was patently absurd, and you could still grab your secretary’s ass. Communists bit their tongues and kept their political ideology secret while they infiltrated everything.

The idea that things are hard and you’ll face resistance so you should counter signal people getting out there and trying to accomplish things and grab positions in life for themselves is a faggot move. The commies, muds, and skanks sure didn’t say, “Oh well, there’s blacklists, I guess I don’t even have to vie for positions.” They went out there and took them anyways.

Life is about struggle. Get used to it. Things are going to be hard. You’ll endure tens of years of absolute bitterness and resentment with the progression of things. You aren’t going to be able to say what you think very often in public. Our ideology is not popular by the numbers and that shows no sign of abatement, but the public sentiment is thankfully on our side for all of our policies as long as you don’t label them as in service of an explicitly racial ideology. It’s going to be a long and hard road to taking control, and you need to be patient and occupying positions of authority until the zeitgeist shifts in your favor. There’s no shame in lying to get or keep power. There’s enough of us in agreement about what needs to be done that there is nothing to be gained in engaging in crucifixion rituals of the public recitation and embracement of ideology. There’s no shame in lying to advance your position in the world in preparation for the coming battle. It’s better than abject failure.

Tarrant was obviously personally charismatic and capable of planning well and following through on his plans. He could contribute so much more to the cause by fighting on the battlefields that really matter for his peak years. If you want to go in fury with fire and blood, I understand and nothing speaks more to the poet’s soul in me. You can do this any time, however. It is never right to sacrifice so much when you are so young.

I know it seems hopeless, but it is going to take thousands of our guys working tirelessly for years, keeping their eye on the ball to actually achieve victory. A lot of this needs to be pressed on a regular basis for multiple reasons. Fed shills are out in force like I haven’t seen since right after Charlottesville. You all need to maintain situational awareness, and keep a watch out for guys that might want to rope you into something weird. Right now is a good time to keep your head down, and avoid anything that might garner you scrutiny.

All this said, I will never forget the bravery and self-sacrifice of our martyrs. What they did is foolish and premature, but when we take the reins of power back in our countries, men like Breivik and Tarrant will be sprung from their cells and given a volkspension. In the meantime, we should ponder the feasibility for the creation of memorials on American soil for these heroes. I doubt much harm would be done through a memorial grove with some statues to honor their sacrifice, and surely it might further raise the spirits of our troops engaging in the long haul battle for the future of the known universe.

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