Stormer, Volume 82: Fraser Anning’s Ascent

Daily Stormer
March 17, 2019

The events of this week have me so excited I can barely keep myself contained long enough to write the introduction to this weekly issue. I spent hours wandering the streets and laughing with joy. I wailed my fists into the concrete walls of the imposing Soviet brutalism. I listened to Acid Bath’s 1996 album Paegan Terrorism Tactics and 13th century crusader music and surveyed the fallout of Friday’s events. I felt my spirit held aloft after months of enduring miseries. I felt a kind of primal joy that I have not felt since the wreckage of the last Presidential election.

Chaos has been unleashed upon the world. I can hear the wind beneath the soil again. Wotan creeps back into the world. One way or another, he will call us into battle. Once awakened in the consciousness of the people, his desire for the glory of battle cannot be denied. This is a moment like the Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination. Only later when the brightest of historians pick apart the aftermath will people truly understand the ramifications. So much is branching out from here.

Erdogan played the footage of the Christchurch kebab removal in an internationally televised speech from Turkey that called the entire Moslem world to Jihad, with the underlying implication that he intends to serve as the Sultan of the entire Ummah. Brenton Tarrant has truly unleashed something unstoppable. There will be copycats of Tarrant, that’s going to be inevitable, and there will be retaliations from the Moslems. What’s coming cannot be deferred much longer.

I want to spew tales of historical crusaders. I want to write of the savage glories of the heroes of the Heimskringla. I want to wrap my head in the glorious battles of the past and future, and romanticize about the coming global race war. In contrast to my desires, there’s a lesson in the present that is far too valuable to ignore.

Roy Batty wrote a couple great articles this week describing firstly how Senator Fraser Anning is the single guy in the Australian Senate willing to tell the simple truth about this week’s situation. After the Christchurch fumigation, he asked “Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?” and declared “The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.” It is undeniably and obviously true. If Moslems were not in our countries, they would not be committing terrorism against us and our men would not have to sacrifice their lives to bring the Moslems to justice.

Then he bitch slapped a little commie faggot in the face on video.

This isn’t the first time Senator Anning has done incredible work for us either. He once used the exact words “final solution” when describing what is needed in terms of Australia’s immigration problem. He publicly praised the classical White Australia Policy of the 19th century, which explicitly sought to exclude “people alien in civilisation, alien in religion, alien in customs”, and declared Australia official the “white man’s land.” Those are pretty obvious frog whistles if there ever were them. Anning is an asset to Australia and the entire white world.

I need you guys to understand how Fraser Anning got into the Senate, because it is goddamned inspirational and contains a lesson we have been trying to drive home to you all for ages.

Fraser Anning became a senator with no more than nineteen votes. That’s all he needed to get a massive six figure salary to pwn the libs with an unprecedented degree of savagery from the central Parliamentary body of a G12 nation.

Anning was running as a candidate in the “One Nation” party, which is a disappointing circus sideshow run by a disgusting old hag and shill candidate Pauline Hanson. This party is a pile of bullshit and nobody actually likes it, but the media promotes it as the evil nationalist party so people vote for it because they’ve heard of it on the news. Classic controlled opposition formula. Anyways, Hag Hanson has a real big support base in Queensland, so most people vote for her party because they have heard of the party name from the media. However, they don’t know any of the candidates. In Australia, you can vote for a party in general and not a specific candidate.

One Nation received 229,056 votes, which was enough to earn them two seats in the Senate. The first one went to Pauline Hanson, who got 20,927 votes. The second went to Malcolm Roberts, who got a mere 77 votes. Most One Nation supporters have only heard of Hanson, who is promoted by the media. They had no idea who Malcolm Roberts was. He was the friend of Pauline Hanson.

Then it turns out Malcolm Roberts wasn’t a citizen of Australia at all. He’s British. Can’t be in the Senate. According to the rules, the seat goes to the next guy that registered on a One Nation ticket who got the next highest number of votes. It was Fraser Anning, with 19 votes. Zero point zero percent of the electorate. As a result of all this, he gets elected to the Senate. Term length is six years. He makes $200k/year salary like every other Senator. That’s 1.2 million AUD, about 851k in US dollars over the course of the Senate term.

And upon taking his seat, he immediately quits the One Nation party, humiliating the shill hag Pauline Hanson. He signs onto Katter’s Australia Party, which is a respectable party of white men of good character. It is the greatest alphaing of an errant whore ever done in Australian politics.

Shills will try to convince you of the impossibility of gains by engagement with the democratic system. There’s a load of despicable assholes that will tell you to stay home and do nothing but whine on the Internet, or sell your soul to media-created cult leaders who will drain you of everything from your money to your women and leave you a mentally ill husk. They’ll tell you that you’ll never accomplish anything. While most people who get on a ballot will not win, the investment in time for many seats is very small. It’s as simple as filling out a single form at the county to run for many school board or sheriff seats, and you don’t know what can happen. Every year a certain number of candidates drop dead, get imprisoned, or find some other unforeseen life circumstance that makes it so that some political unknown gets to take their place.

It could be your name next up on that ballot. You could be the next guy in line for a seat. Maybe it isn’t the most romantic political seat, but everyone’s careers start somewhere. You might merely find yourself on a city council seat one day, but you’ll get a monthly stipend to start manipulating the political system. Maybe by some stroke of divine providence your city then ends up caught up in national affairs, and you find yourself caught up in national affairs.

All I know is that there is a guy getting paid two hundred fucking thousand dollars per year to shit on the entire ZOG machine because he threw his hat into a ring and told his cousins to vote for him. This is a game of endurance in many ways. Our guys have to show up. They have to fill out the forms. They have to get on ballots. They have to be patient. They have to fight for seats of power and authority all across society. They have to do it at church, in the academic sphere, and in politics at every level. Most battles you will lose, but in this arena the ones you win can change your life and the world forever. The losses never injure you and the victories bring you and your people advancement in the world. Do whatever it takes. Pretend to have beliefs you don’t. Run for offices under parties that you have nothing but disgust for, just to subvert them like Anning did.

Don’t let people blackpill you into thinking you can’t be a central figure of the change. If this thing is going to succeed, you all reading this are going to have to drive the victories. You have to be the core of social transformation. You have to get out there and get involved in the world. And who knows, lightning might strike and you might end up being the next Fraser Anning. If so, drive the lulz to total victory.

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