Stormer, Volume 80: Victory for Astralis

Daily Stormer
March 3, 2019

Minutes ago the latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major just concluded in Katowice, Poland. Denmark’s Astralis won with a level of unrelenting brutality that has psychologically steamrolled every team throughout the tournament. They won a map 16-0 against USA’s Cloud9, which leaves me wondering how it would feel to train for an entire year to attend an event on another continent and lose that badly. Probably should put them on suicide watch.

They won 16-4 on Inferno against the #2 team, Finland’s ENCE, in the final. They’re taking home half a million dollars in prize money

Despite a massive push from sports leagues to try to create huge systems of minors that push in players from India, the Arab world, Africa, and Asia, all that has happened as a result is that these muds get caught very publicly cheating, as happened late last year when an Indian player got promptly busted using an aimbot to offset his lack of skill. The Chinese are once again absolutely destroyed in this thing. China sent their country’s best two teams this year to compete in Katowice, and they were both utterly smashed. They placed 18th and 19th.

The audience this year was full of blatant neon-Nazis. So many “Subscribe to PewdiePie” signs were flashed during this major it was unreal. As much support for Pewdz as many of the teams. People who follow e-sports consume all kinds of racist and fascist media. Tactical first person shooter games are the closest thing we can have to actually killing people for sport. When you see how much better white people are at all the various skills, you realize how great it would be to simply have an open race war. Whites hold all the cards.

The primary skill for death squads is finding the locations of adversaries, and communicating efficiently their locations and optimal maneuvers for safely killing them. This is clearly something that whites excel in. While Asians do have higher IQs, IQ tests bias for visual intelligence. Asians have their high visual intelligence offset by significantly lower verbal intellect. Whites have a history of conquest, exploration, and more efficient social and market structures because they are better wired for team communication than the gooks.

Then, of course, there is raw aim, and the racial distribution of ability here becomes even more stark. If you look at all the history of shooting sports in the Olympics since 1896, there’s never been a single medal won by an African. Qatar won a single bronze, and the UAE even managed to capture a gold one time. But the nation with an overwhelming number of medals per capita is the United States of America. All of the top 10 countries are white lands, save China.

If the white race decided to fight for its own interests, nothing in this world could stop it. The only thing in the way of victory is a psychological roadblock, the lack of a will to power. But the sickening poison of reckless individualism only keeps its hold in times of prosperity and universal affluence. The Western world is not the horn of plenty it was when the boomers gave our countries away. Lack, struggle, and misery are being foisted upon white youth everywhere. Soon, the white peoples of the world will decide to stop playing death squad in video games and decide to start playing it for civilization. And they’ll win that competition just as firmly as they did this year’s CS:GO major.

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