Stormer, Volume 79: SBCs Show Us How to Deny the Holocaust

San Francisco Stormers
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2019

The power of the Jews in the modern era is built atop a single myth: the Holocaust. The Holocaust is the foundational lie upon which all Babylon is built atop. That anyone ever believed absurd stories about human skin lampshades, rollercoasters that dumped people into ovens, or bear-eagle cages is laughable. The rotten, criminal Jews that went into German custody were given access to amenities that were more luxurious and generous than any prisoner of war camp in all history– or the vast majority of America’s prison population. There were no gas chambers. There was no mass murder.

And there’s never been a better time to start talking about this.

Jussie Smollett is a filthy Jew. A nigger, to be sure, but also a Jew. There were also thousands of fake bomb threats made by Israelis upon American synagogues and Jewish centers, which they tried to blame on the “evil Nazis” here at The Daily Stormer. Imagine there was a law saying that you would go to prison if you questioned the fake bomb threats or Jussie Smollett’s absurd bleaching. That’s essentially what they tried do for those newer cases: anyone who questioned them was branded a conspiracy theorist and Nazi for daring to call a spade a spade. The goal was to penalize the publication of critical thoughts by raising the social penalties for denial of the lie to include the permanent destruction of your career and ouster from polite company. Of course, if you try to investigate the so-called holocaust in the countries it actually occurred the penalties are far worse than ostracism and escalate as far as decades of imprisonment. Even kind and loving grandmothers like Ursula Haverbeck are now in German prisons for even telling the public what they saw with their own eyes.

Just explain to people the pattern of how Jews have been caught faking literally thousands of different hate crimes against themselves in the United States this past year, and then subsequently screaming bigot, racist, and Nazi at anyone that might question the veracity of their claims. Thousands. Not exaggerating. Then ask why, if the Holocaust happened, they have to imprison people that dare to look for evidence of it? The truth does not fear investigation. Each and every Jew is a seditious, nation-wrecking liar that deserves a death sentence– but we’ll glad settle for the expulsion of these hook-nosed rats from the countries our forefathers built.

The first step to achieving this is to deny the holocaust. Deny it to your friends. Deny it to your family. Deny it to your lovers. Deny it to people you meet on public transit. Put it in the context of the events that are happening around them now. Tell people about the actual thousands of hate crimes Jews have faked just during the past 3 years. Think about that scale! Thousands! It’s insane! Thousands of faked events exposed, and subsequently buried by the media! Tucker even mentioned this on his show.

Think of how much the Jews can get away with lying about through controlling the flow of information. Nobody gets told when these filthy Jews are lying!

The Holocaust did not happen. The first step to exposing the systemic fraud perpetrated by these filthy, stinking kikes is denying it in public. We Americans detest hypocrisy and unfairness. It goes against the very foundations of the Anglo-Saxon culture that built this country. We will not tolerate a two-tiered legal system to protect the feelings of Jews. We demand Jewish criminality not be hidden, but exposed and punished. We demand the protestant ethic of fairness be applied to genocide monuments. Why should the government pay for all these holocaust memorials in the US when Russian Jews killed so many more white Christians in gulags and the Holodomor? Why do we not have monuments commemorating the suffering of Christians at the hands of the Jewish terrorist Genrikh Yagoda instead? He killed 10 million Christians, twice the amount alleged to have died in the fake holocaust.

It is in the spirit of this that Stormers have begun spreading the truth at holocaust memorials across the world. The SF Stormers took a field trip to San Francisco’s holohoax memorial. If we’re going to confront the lie as it should be confronted, we need to start at the source.

The plaque at the entrance, of course, needed to be amended with some truthful information for visitors.

Soap and lampshades are the best lies to confront because they are simply so ridiculous and fun. There are other ridiculous lies but we weren’t going to bring taxidermies, bears and eagles or build a rollercoaster overnight. But the testimony of so-called “holocaust survivors” is important to point out because it is universally inconsistent and an endless stream of obvious fraud.

We felt the need to cover Anne Frank’s matzah box out of respect for her literary genius.

This poor victim of typhus and the Allies cutting off supply lines needed his mezuzah tube covered.

Let this be a model: get out there and deny the holocaust. Tell people about Jewish lies. Tell people about Jewish behavior. Make your own flyers, or if you want you can use ours:

If you’re a white man of good character and you’d like more information on the Stormer Book Clubs, email:

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