Stormer, Volume 78: Macron Tries to Salvage Term Through Denouncing Anti-Semitism

Daily Stormer
February 17, 2019

I imagine very little of our audience is familiar with Alain Finkielkraut, a filthy kike that always gets rolled out on French TV. He’s one of those “Tikkun Olam” kikes, talking about the importance of love and compassion as his coethnics flood your countries with millions of disgusting brown parasites to destroy the wealth and prosperity your forefathers created. This is truly the category of Jew most wicked and deserving of supreme punishment: they who convince gullible women that it is a moral virtue to flood one’s own nation with genetic waste.

It is a supreme irony that this weekend Alain was confronted by a gaggle of high yella Moslems and some white liberals, one of whom is wearing a pro-Palestinian scarf. They call him a dirty Jew and tell him to go back to Jerusalem. The irony could not be greater: the very same people he blessed France with screaming they’re going to punish him and his demonic rat race soon!

Anti-Semitism is a massive fault line in global politics. Unfortunately, due to the fact that allegedly “right wing” parties and political figures in all the world are all a bunch of kikesuckers we are left with the option of browns and women to call out a limited subsection of Jewish perfidy. If you’re in a blue district, be sure to push the acceleration of the Democratic party into a group of nonwhite Moslem women as fast as possible. If Moslems keep bullying kikes in the streets and in the Parliaments, they’ll have my support until I see a viable opportunity to remove each and every one of these disgusting ragheads that the Jews brought to us.

In response to the vests shouting at the Jew, Macron has made anti-Semitism the center of denouncement of the burgeoning movement. He is the most unpopular leader of any first world country, facing a popular insurrection, and fully hitching his cart to the Jews. He labeled the shouting at the Jew “the absolute negation of who we are and what makes us a great nation” on Twitter.

All the presses now focus on calling the enormously popular yellow vests movement anti-Semitic, as if that is supposed to immediately deter the public from supporting it. Protip, kikes: that makes them support it more.

Their paranoia hit peak this week as they deployed TV news crews and multiple law enforcement agencies to investigate someone drawing a swastika in the sand with a stick. A single stick undermines the collective psychology of the French elite. Let us hope when the French people behead Macron that they remember who he stood with and destroy the Jews with him.

They’re also releasing videos of female cops breaking into tears to try to sway men emotionally, but people despise female police officers. They are not only stealing a man’s job, they are emotionally unstable lunatics working out their daddy issues with a badge and a gun, placing countless in harm’s way to play costume fetish games at taxpayer expense. When I see a female cop crying because she can’t handle the basic stresses of the workplace I think how much better it would be if she were being beaten within an inch of her life and raped like she truly deserves. Tying anti-vests propaganda to emotional support for repulsive things like Jews and prostitutes in state uniform is not going to garner public support.

The vests are here to stay, and they want to see filthy Jews slaughtered in the streets. Anti-Semitism is the singular issue in France that now binds all of the yellow vests together. The left and the right, the brown and the white, they all hate the kikes. If Jews were smart, they would be apologizing to the peoples of the world for the harm and wrongs that they have wrought upon their nations and making sincere attempts to make amends for it. In this sense, the clever Jews are exposed as idiots. They demand more and more from a populace, absolute submission and total sacrifice, until the populace comes to the conclusion that the only thing that can be done about this monstrous race is to expel or kill them.

Keep pushing, kikes. We all know where this leads.

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