Stormer, Volume 77: Firebombs and Kristallnacht in France, Tepid Tides in America, and a Way Out of the Funk

Daily Stormer
February 10, 2019

A month ago we were examining the yellow vests movement in the face of increasing police brutality and called two possible futures. The first is where the movement would slowly fizzle out as people got continually more fatigued at being abused by police, like the Occupy Wall Street movement did.

The second is where they started attacking politicians and their families at their homes, leading to a full on revolution.

Daily Mail:

A criminal enquiry was launched after an arson attack on the home of the President of France’s National Assembly. Richard Ferrand, who is the equivalent of the Speaker in Britain’s House of Commons and a close personal friend of President Emmanuel Macron, described the attack on the property in his Brittany constituency as ‘violence and intimidation’.

This thing is escalating every week. It just doesn’t stop.

There were 300k people on the streets this weekend, and they sure showed those Bagelsteins what they’re angry about.

Le Figaro:

… the yellow vests behind the “JUDEN” sprayed in yellow paint on the window of a “Bagelstein” outlet. The minister of the interior declared that everything would be done “in order that the author of this disgrace is brought to justice.” An enquiry has been opened for the crime of “provoking racial hate” …


In contrast to the yellow vests this past quarter, there has been a systemic collapse in interest in English pro-white media. Nearly everyone in this space has seen their traffic crater.

This includes the academic and ultra-professional kind of sites like Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance.

And Peter Brimelow’s VDARE, which is a frequent outlet for the edge of the mainstream like Ann Coulter while still providing a platform for legitimate racialists like John Derbyshire.

In addition, the more modern memish alt-right outlets like TRS have seen the same thing.

There’s only one outlet whose traffic graph does not look like a Holocaust that actually happened.

I’m absolutely honored and thrilled that you all still visit this website and read it in such significant numbers. I am glad that people are still coming back to read what we have to say in an era where there is so much lower enthusiasm from the public in engaging in this space. It is a testament to the efficacy of our site’s model and the work ethic we’ve shown in building this thing out for so many years.

But growth in this entire space is now negative. Most people are not retaining their audiences. I can’t possibly define success as simply not losing people.

I didn’t sacrifice my youth and my life to be a part of this to simply contribute to a news site people read. I got in this to save the world. To turn back the night. Most importantly, I got into this to see evil men punished.

In 2015 and 2016 we were in a phase of logarithmic growth. That phase is long over, and it shows no signs of coming back. It sadly ended with Charlottesville and the subsequent meatspace events. The public did not like what it saw there, and it also decreased the efficacy of a number of methods that were used to grow out this site. It’s required us to drastically change the way we do things, and rapidly pivot to new traffic growth and retention strategies.

About 55% of this site’s userbase accesses the site through Tor. The other half uses the normieweb. This is the first four month window in the history of the site where we have not grown. While we may be doing better than everyone else in the industry, our goal is to not be the best in a publishing category. The goal is to change the world, and see evil destroyed.

The problem with Americans is that they are the most isolated and atomized people on earth, and this is doubly so for most of those that get involved with pro-white causes. We can’t have a populist revolution like the French are getting because people utterly lack basic cultural frameworks to act in unison. We’ve advocated the pursuit of institutional influence by infiltrating political party establishments, both Republican and Democrat, and also the pursuit of independent commercial success. We still encourage you to pursue all of these avenues, but there is a huge strategy being left out here, and it is the primary driver of political consequence on the right in America as well as the primary source of cultural fabric: Religion.

I can tell you right now that the primary reason that Daily Stormer is not seeing the decline seen in the rest of this space is because of its articles dealing with subjects adjacent to traditional religious morality– e.g. sexuality and the role of women in the world. There is a massive market demand for traditional moral restrictions that theocracies provide.

There have been previous solid attempts to start pro-white religions, but they have all been destroyed by obvious federal meddling. Matt Hale was put in federal prison on false charges for starting the World Church of the Creator. They waited for Pierce to die to destroy Cosmotheism, putting his worldly institution to rest by taking it over and putting a pedophile in charge of the operation. The reality is that any centralized institution operating at national scale is going to have tens of millions of fed dollars dedicated to subverting it. And if we told you to become traditionalist Catholics, or Mormons, or Scientologists or basically anything recruits for the next year would be scrutinized and compartmentalized, and none of them would ever be allowed into power in any of those organizations. If a new era of white religiosity is going to start, it has to be decentralized.

Now if you’re not doing anything in meatspace for this cause, and can’t find enthusiasm for traditional political action, there is something you can do to advance the projection of power and influence of pro-white sentiments in the real world: found a local church.

Study a single religion. I’m not going to argue about which religious doctrine or faith is the truest here and people in the comments should please avoid this. Which one you prefer is up to your personal sense of comfort with it– though you will likely tune down the weirdness and fringe factor and find it easier to garner converts if your religion is at least relatively Protestant in appearance. The goal of this is not to have the truest doctrine, it is to get followers and influence.

You should not talk about racial issues– at least not immediately in public beyond basic dog whistles like “the descendants of those who murdered Christ are in charge of the world today”. You should be careful to avoid the scrutiny of law enforcement, but your basic messages should include obvious truths that mentally prepare people for the kind of actions that might be necessary in the coming crises. “The world is on the brink– just look at what’s happening, and look who is in charge.” “All the institutions of the world are corrupt, including the major religions, and are in need of a cleansing fire.” “Our leaders are demons, and people unknowingly engage in demonic rituals of child sacrifice to appease them.”

Your first goal to start should be getting ten local people unconnected to fringe political causes that have incomes to believe in you enough as a prophet to tithe the classic ten percent of their income to you, so you can engage in building a religion full time. If just a fraction of a percent of our American readers accomplish this, it would mean the creation of thousands of religious militias and new right wing political constituencies all across America. Later on, they can easily recognize one another and begin networking into cooperatives, once your numbers get too big for ZOG to destroy.

Those of you who are at this website are the vanguard of whatever movement is to come. You are the core of the faithful, the only ones who can turn back the night. Those of you who are soldiers, simple followers– you have to become commanders. You have to create new territory where previously we have had none. Any future rebellion must be leaderless and decentralized, and if you are reading this you are part of the key to that.

Hail victory.

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