Stormer, Volume 75: Yellow Vests, Week 11. A Wild Italy Appears!

Daily Stormer
January 27, 2019

This week there was a surprise upset as the neon-Nazi meme pipeline went sicko mode and broke into the Italian Parliament and Senate.

For months now there has been a coordinated attempt to get Italians to blame Macron and the French elites for causing their immigration problems. The Italian version of the Stormer first wrote about it in late August of last year — how there’s a pan-African currency called the CFA Franc that is controlled by French Jews, and how African migrant influx and African destabilization is a side effect of financial benefit of the French bankers while nations like Italy have to deal with the problems of migrants showing up at their shores with none of this financial upside.

Well, this week in Italy the whole thing snowballed when a political party leader mentioned these very talking points that have been pushed by Nazi trolls for months in their Parliament. Then the French ambassador is getting calls demanding that they fucking pay for the nigger problems they are causing. Then by the end of the week, an Italian Senator is citing The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

These are serious and elected officials in high office telling the Italian public that the French central bank is an arm of the Jewish machine that is responsible for the niggers at their doorstep. Nazis control the horizontal. They control the vertical. Do not restart your Internet box, this is just how it is now.

The number of parties responsible for pushing this narrative across the Italian Internet is roughly three people, no joke. It ended up influencing the national discussion, and provoking the Italian government into attacking the Judeo-Jacobin Macron while he is wounded from civil unrest. In short, it is a huge victory. While there is a rich tradition of pranks and image board culture in English, most of this stuff is missing in any European language. If you bring a /pol/ style propaganda campaign with multi-channel messaging to virtually any country in Europe, you and a few of your friends can influence the national conversation for the lulz.

And these attacks from Italians are all happening while there is still utter chaos in France, for the 11th week straight. I wonder how that’s going?

This week yellow vests are swatting TV cameras on the street and telling news crews that they “work for the Jews.”

The Communists in France’s New Anticapitalist Party tried to show up to the marches and people dismantled sheet metal pedestrian barricades to throw at them, they were sent packing.

Paris still a war zone.

Cops getting firebombed there.

Massive turnout in Caen.

and in Toulouse as well.

Most hilariously, Macron’s guys just held a pro-Macron counter march where less than 200 people show up. For weeks Macron has been claiming the “silent majority” is actually behind him. Here they were.

They put some retarded niggerbitch on the TV that was obviously just paid to show up speaking against the violence and disruption of the yellow vests.

So I’d say the French project is looking better every day, and I expect French elites to be systematically beheaded any day now.

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