Stormer, Volume 74: I Salute Alain Soral – Yellow Vests Week 10

Daily Stormer
January 20, 2019

The Parisian:

Alain Soral was sentenced Thursday to one year in prison by the Criminal Court of Bobigny. The far-right essayist was found guilty of racial insult, provocation and incitement to racial hatred over a statement made against a prosecutor on his website Equality and Reconciliation: “Jews are manipulative, domineering and hateful.

Where’s the lie?

Against the magistrate, he said: “I have never heard so many lies and dishonesty out of the mouth of a woman, and I’ve known a lot of sluts.

😂😂😂😂😂 This is Stormer-tier vitriol against uppity skanks, exactly the kind of public contempt that is needed against these harlots to fix our dying civilization.

It is worth noting here that Soral is a hardcore leftist. He has an enthusiastic personal history of degeneracy in sexuality and drugs. He is also an advocate for the likes of niggers and Moslems, even though they would murder him for his proclivities if they ever took over France. He also takes every chance to spout Communistic garbage. But on the issue of the Jews he is spot on.

Hervé Ryssen, one of the five most visible faces of the yellow vests movement, is a racist and anti-Semite who is decidedly /ourguy/ on all known issues. He is an active fugitive, sentenced to a prison cell for speaking against the Jews before Soral, but boldly still showing at protests on the street to fight cops for months now. He and Soral are about to do a rally together.

At this moment the Jewish occupation government of France is so obsessed with cracking down on dissent, the left and right are now converging on the single common issue of who the enemy is: the Jew. They’re becoming an anti-Semitic Voltron, united beyond the policy differences of left and right.

Dissidents like Soral and Ryssen are given massive political capital. Those sentenced to French courts for speech right now are ipso facto seen as heroes to massive numbers of French populists, a fraction of which are now in the streets every weekend. Speaking of those populists, their movement is still going strong. They lit the City Hall in Avignon on fire.

As well as offices in Bordeaux.

Huge crowds in Toulouse.

And still so in Paris, even with the weekend shutdowns of the city still in full swing.

They exploded in confrontations with antifa this weekend, the traitorous dogs of which were beaten brutally by mobs of yellow vests.

Bolossage des antifas lyonnais

"À Lyon les antifas avaient une énième fois promis de chasser les nationalistes de la manifestation des GJ.Arrivés quai Saint-Antoine un groupe d'une cinquantaine d'antifas est repéré en queue de cortège. Charge immédiate de 35 Gones : les antifas ne tiennent pas dix secondes et reculent sur plus de 100 mètres en débâcle malgré leur équipement (bâtons etc). Ils finissent par détaler en abandonnant leurs blessés et leur dignité derrière eux. Belle performance de sprint, le reste laisse encore à désirer.#BimBamBoumOnEstLugdunum #TenirLaRue #ÇaGalopeCommeDesAntilopes #UsainBoltCc Jeune Garde Lyon Groupe Antifasciste Lyon et Environs

Gepostet von Ouest Casual am Samstag, 19. Januar 2019

And most importantly, prominent French Jews cry about the anti-Semitic gestures made by their security officers.

The French populist movement is growing in size every week, even if some weeks there is somewhat less turnout than others. Very quickly they are being taught who is the real problem in the French government. Every day cries from the protestors of “Macron démission” (Macron resign) turn to “Macron pute à juif” (Macron is a whore for the Jews). Soon they will be tired of yelling about the problem, and they will be doing something to end it forever.

A friendly prophecy for the Jews of France: your days are numbered now, you filthy kikes. If you have any good sense you will book your one way tickets to Israel today. You are not wanted by the people of France, and a pogrom is about to occur. Any day, people will be showing up at your houses to slaughter you and your sons and your daughters in vengeance for the wrongs that you have wrought against the French nation. Your filthy criminal race will pay dearly for the crimes it has committed in Europe, with fair and reasonable interest payments in blood.

With Jews gloating over his impending imprisonment, Soral declares that the liberation of his country from the Jews is coming soon.

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