Stormer, Volume 73: The Act Nine Suite, in G(j) Minor

Daily Stormer
January 13, 2019

The curtain rises, our partisan hero is found sneaking through the avenues surrounding the palace of the demons. He notices a minor demon, known Semitic sodomite and Secretary of State for Digital Affairs Mounir Mahjoubi standing on the street. Seeing a sufficient target for his task, he approaches the Semitic demon and utters a phrase of power: “bétail goy se réveille?” — “Have the cattle goyim awoken?” Shocked at the phrasing, he asks for clarification. The hero declares: “that’s in your Talmud, is it not? That the goyim must be crushed?”

It’s like a Sam Hyde vertical video that involves government officials. Take note: this is something that any single one of you could be doing. All it takes is a phone and a pair of legs. You can simply walk up to Jews and ask what they plan to do when the goyim all know about their plans.

Second movement: The cabal of Jewish demons appear before their lackey, the kikesucking shabbos goyim and Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, crying about a second holocaust (intermezzo.) Castaner makes a public decree: any manifestation of the yellow vested partisans will be considered part of a violent insurgency and brutally repressed. Orders are given to the armies of the demon cabal to torture the brave partisans without mercy or restraint.

Third movement: Not content with the previous weeks disruptions of television and radio stations, the partisans lay siege to the Jewish printing presses.

Their patience has its limits.

L’Yonne Républicaine:

About fifty yellow vests mobilized on the night of Friday, January 11th at the Bourdillats alley in Auxerre, blocking the printing center of the L’Yonne Républicaine. The yellow vests, some of which were hooded, blocked several vehicles for deliveries, preventing the issuance of several dailies of the Center France group printed on site.

Fourth movement: The partisans, knowing full well the danger of what is coming, march bravely upon the palaces of the Jewish demons. All across the Frankish lands, the partisans gathered to show they were not afraid of the beast and his minions (allegro.)

The battle was long and the demon’s armies were brutal. The partisans fell injured or dead in quantities previously unseen.

Fifth movement: Night falls, and the partisans are still bravely on the battlefield despite the day’s casualties. They manage to disrupt another source of Jewish lies (crescendo.)

France 3:

Access to a printing press near Valenciennes “was blocked by some 30 demonstrators who threatened to burn the truck,” said the director of the publication, Gabriel d’Harcourt … some 20,000 newspapers could not be distributed … “We feel something unhealthy that rises in attitudes towards journalists — and this without any reason.”

Without reason. Simply for the color of their noses, not for the behavior of journalists.

Suddenly, the curtain drops. A solitary grandmother comes out onto the stage, surrounded by the soldiers of the demon cabal. They are pinning her to a wall, and hitting her repeatedly with cudgels. She begs them to stop, but they do not.

Acte 9 fin.

Now we come to the most exciting part of this opera. With the repression now coming down in full force, the partisans will be forced into one of two paths. Their methods can remain peaceful and symbolic as they have been and people will be slowly beaten into submission. Crowds will get smaller with every subsequent protest as many find they can no longer bear the physical abuse and expensive legal and medical expenses of participating, and the movement will fizzle out. If the French do not begin to return force with equal force against the families of the demons and their lackeys and make it just as expensive for the elites as it is for those in the vests, they will have no chance at surviving. We are about to find out if this has been a very expensive bit of performance art, or if this is an actual revolt against Jacobinism. How far are the yellow vests willing to go? Just what are they willing to do? Stay tuned for future acts in this grand saga.

Regardless of what path it takes, it has been glorious to watch. Because I need to watch things die from a good safe distance.

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