Stormer, Volume 72: The Persecution of Christophe Dettinger, the Legendary Boxer

Daily Stormer
January 6, 2018

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I’m struggling to finish the intro to this weekly. I’ve done several previous yellow vest weekly roundups. I thought I did a pretty good job of them, because they pushed a lot of traffic and even found themselves copied onto sites that aren’t even dedicated to racism or anti-Semitism. I thought it was my beat. So I spend all last night following French twitter and collecting a ton of material in relation to the protests. Then I wake up today and lo, Roy Batty published an Act 8 roundup.

The most infuriating part is that while much of the material is excellent stuff there’s so little in it that is actually about the protests in Act 8. He gets zero pictures of the crowds. For psychological benefit on any radical publication you always want to show large crowds to show the audience how widespread the support is for this kind of insurrectional mob activity. That’s why Trump always makes a point to mention at his rallies that the media never pan the cameras and show people what the crowd looks like. The media wanted Trump supporters to think they were alone. Crowd size is especially important to show now, after the media has been harping that the movement is totally dead for weeks. All over Normandy things were lit. Rouen, in the capital, had yellow vests marching unfettered without police resistance through the city.

Even sleepy little towns like Caen, with a mere hundred thousand residents, had massive showings.

They turned into total warzones with fires and explosions all over at night.

There was also Bordeaux.

As well as Beauvais, Vitry-en-Charolais, and don’t forget Toulouse:

or Puy-en-Velay, where they were riding dozers:

The France Police Syndicate counted 300,000 people, openly mocking claims of 25,000 made by French TV. It’s an insane amount of people, and more widespread than ever before.

And then there’s the boxer. Roy mentioned the boxer, which is pretty hard not to do as he is the single most popular meme on the French internet right now.

But he didn’t cover the actual story, which is that the guy got immediately doxed by the police and is getting absolutely railroaded by all of French high society right now. Within hours of becoming the hero of all good Frenchmen by boxing heavily armored cops into submission with his bare hands, the mythical boxer was hunted down by the French police state and told that his days are numbered. “You are identified. For a boxer, you obviously don’t respect a lot of rules. We will teach you the Criminal Code,” tweeted the national account of the French police, along with a picture of him fighting a nigger in the ring.

“The French Boxing Federation has become aware of the unacceptable and shameful behavior of a person identified as a former professional boxer,” said a press release by the French sports authority. He’s going to get his titles revoked most likely.

The legendary boxer’s name is Christophe Dettinger, and he’s certainly going to be facing charges. He’s also a universally beloved figure in France now. He can transition this to a position in the post-revolutionary parliament.

I swear to whatever gods may be Roy, if you ever snipe my beat again you better be doing a way better job than I would at it or I will cut your face. (Just bantz, don’t report me to HR for making a hostile workplace.)