Stormer, Volume 71: No Heroes to Stop the Final Stage of the Kalergi Plan

Daily Stormer
December 30, 2018

Now that she’s retiring from politics, Angela Merkel is getting more open and transparent about her long-term political goals.

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung:

Chancellor Angela Merkel advocated a reconciliation of interests at the international parliamentary level. “Nation-states should be willing to give up their sovereignty today,” Merkel said on Wednesday in Berlin. But this should be done in an orderly process, which would require a parliament.

She criticized that “there are people who believed that they could determine when these agreements would become invalid because they represent the people”. She denied this nationalism. “The people are the people who live permanently in one country and not defined as a historical people,” emphasized the Chancellor.

Her personal desires are now laid bare: she wishes for the permanent destruction of all independent national powers as a rule. No king would ever want to cede the power of his crown. This is the endpoint of Democracy as a form of governance. It is very clear that the final destination of all democratic systems is the destruction of all liberty and self-destiny that were attained by the sacrifices of the nation’s people. That such a statement does not generate an instant revolt is a testament to the nihilism and decay of our era.

There’s a Jethro Tull song I’m fond of, Cold Wind to Valhalla, which in my mind is a perfect allegory for the maladies of the day. It describes a host of Valkyries who are mournful in their purposelessness as there are simply no more souls of heroes to collect in the world.

Midnight lonely whisper cries,
“We’re getting a bit short on heroes lately.”
Sword snap fright white pale goodbyes
In the desolation of Valhalla.
“And join with us please!”
Valkyrie maidens ride
Empty-handed on the cold wind to Valhalla.

All the men of our generation that could be fixing this problem are grasping for leadership or gross public displays of an anti-social nature. They want to shout furiously in the square or follow someone and be told what to do, no matter how unqualified for leadership that person is. What they need to focus on is a reconnection with the divine, a forging of their own senses and thoughts into a weapon capable of being aptly swung.

There are few heroes left like the ones from the old stories, willing to put their fortunes or flesh on the line to achieve an irreversible shift of history.

While we are not completely devoid of heroes, we’re going to need a lot more than a couple. In 1933 there was this one guy that needed the majority of Parliament’s cooperation to get him the necessary power to end the Weimar era. Changing anything is a massive team effort, and there is no singular figure that will be able to turn back the night without institutional infrastructure outside himself.

There are no men with actual leadership skills, the necessary resources, and good character willing to lead you to glory and victory. Nobody who could do the job competently will forsake their personal lives and career to lead a movement that isn’t staffed with people who can win. Anyone offering themselves up as a public political figure for racists or anti-Semites at this point is going to bear some kind of deep-seated pathology that disqualifies them from the role. Your default position should be objection and skepticism.

You will have to become those heroes and leaders. Those reading this now are going to have to ask themselves two simple questions: What kind of lives did revolutionary leaders live? How can I become like the men who lead revolutionary movements? The signatories of America’s Declaration of Independence were all extremely accomplished socially, politically, and materially. Some of them found vast wealth in business, some of them were called to official positions by their churches, and most of them had found a seat in public elected offices before. If you are a teenager reading this, if you begin building your credentials now you might have enough political capital in 20 years or so to help your people find solutions to their problems.

Even if you don’t manage to become a leader, knowing what leaders look like is an essential skill for all future revolutionaries. Promoting false leaders has been a common tactic of the government for a very long time, and you’ll need to learn to apply the necessary scrutiny to new candidates that present themselves. A new year is coming, with the opportunity to start fresh. Light the populist fires.

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