Stormer, Volume 7: Riding with the Big Dogs

Daily Stormer
October 8, 2017

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The Catalan bastards kiked the site. Franco hated those people with a passion, and Franco was absolutely right about everything.

This is good. I can go back to the #DogRight. I am not a cat person. Cats give you brain worms, seriously. Toxoplasmosis, look it up. You ever wonder why all the cat ladies go insane and flood their country with refugees? They are literally infected with parasites that encourage them to cozy on up to predators. The natural cycle of toxoplasmosis is that it lives in the intestinal tract of cats, and exposure to infected cat feces is how rats get it (this is why pregnant women aren’t supposed to change cat litter). Then the toxoplasmosa burrows into the brain of the rat and changes its behavior. Suddenly this rat has impaired reactions and finds cats attractive to hang around. It goes right up to its predators thinking they are their friends or something.

Sounds a lot like all our skanks, right? Refugees welcome! Look at this poor 37 year old Syrian child, he is our friend!

Apologies to RacistCatLady on our forums in advance. Cat people are the problem. We need dog nationalism. Dogs are noble and loyal and actually do useful work. Cats are practically parasites, like Jews, and they just happen to spread other parasites that make you slow and crazy and loving towards your natural predators.

Cloudflare now is having trouble in legal preceedings because they kiked us. It would be real funny if the Spanish government cited the Catalan registry kicking us off as proof of editorial control over the domain system in relation to their arrests of .cat registry executives. It could happen. We are residents of a clown world of multi-layered comedy.

So we’re back on Tor. Though not for long, we’ll be resurfacing on the normieweb again after the weekend. The amount of people who can use Tor as a result of this is significantly increasing though, and each domain seizure results in an increasing resilience against further domain seizures as more people flood to Tor to keep reading Anglin’s polemic.

They wanted to shut us down, but we’re still making huge social impact on a regular basis. We had an entire Newsweek article about our call to action against the Jew deli owner this week, as well as tons of other mentions. They cannot stop the operation of this site with any number of domain seizures. It doesn’t matter what domain we’re on. What matters is our plan.