Stormer, Volume 69: The Impending Martyrdom of PewDiePie

Daily Stormer
December 16, 2018

The “Death to all Jews” banner and PewDiePie calling someone a “fucking nigger” were two of the best memes of 2017. PewDiePie, the most watched person who has ever lived, beloved by his audience, is the world’s singular top neon-Nazi. Nobody can take the crown away from him.

Lately PewDiePie is on another tear, with Blockhead Joe attempting to get PewDiePie banned from YouTube for promoting one of the purest outright Nazi channels on YouTube and covertly placing Happy Merchant memes in front of the eyes of tens of millions of children.

The Jews, of course, have long known that PewDiePie is aware of their schemes. The problem is that they are so neurotic that they can’t convince the goyim that’s the case. Cry Nazi too many times and it turns out nobody believes you afterwards.

One would think after the previous controversies if PewDiePie were reformed in earnest he wouldn’t be flirting with racist dog-whistles, but a snippet from a recent video shows his true motivations. At 15:42:

This makes me reminded of how glad I am to have gone solo. As a YouTuber … you don’t need to work with a big company. You get flown to (((LA))) and someone says ‘oh we can do this for you, this is really cool, we can really help you grow your thing’ and you’re like, ‘oh that, that seems like a great idea,’ and you end up doing something that you didn’t really want to do at all. Luckily, I got out of it through my controversies.

Coming into 2017 PewDiePie was restrained by a net of corporate contracts and appearance obligations that would have buried him, with seemingly no way to remove himself from the grip of the evil kikes at Disney. His work product would not have been anything that he enjoyed, and he would have slowly declined in relevance and had his audience lose faith in him as he became just another manufactured product of celebrity.

Instead he unfurled a banner of Jewdeath, and was suddenly exempt from all contractual obligations as all the megacorporations like Disney broke them voluntarily. Pewds was extracting a free break from them without having to pay dozens of attorneys and breach of contract fees. It’s the closest real world equivalent to the quitting scene in Fight Club.

What PewDiePie has been doing has an immense amount of forethought in it. Every move is slowly engineered, guiding us onto the Golden Path.

And now, PewDiePie wants to get banned. He keeps daring the Jews to ban him over increasingly unreasonable minutiae involving his videos. Every time they give a public kvetch, they look more and more unreasonable. He baited them with the big stuff at first– the banner, the nigger word, and increasingly goes for smaller violations of social norms so he looks progressively more reasonable and they all the more dishonest. Links to external channels in descriptions, avatars of characters he just happens to be playing multiplayer games with. When the kikes ban PewDiePie over this, tens of millions of faithful kids will learn the nature of the yids. Every single one of them will call for the blood of the Jews and their children. In this dark technofuturist dystopia, the first pogrom will be started because of PewDiePie. Somehow, this feels right.

Keep guiding us to the slaughter of the kikes, Pewds. We will follow you until the bloody end.

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