Stormer, Volume 68: Stormer Book Club Needs A Few Good Men!

Texan Barbaryan
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2018

Friends, another Presidential election cycle will soon be upon us.

Trump’s path to victory was an incredible time for American White Nationalists. United and motivated by a common purpose we achieved tangible political goals and grew by leaps and bounds for the first time in decades. We had massive lolz and whitepills were cheap and plentiful.

After the election, and even more so after Charlottesville, a period of doldrums set in. The endless Russian meddling kookspiracy, arrests of Patriots for self-defense against leftist terrorism, and the seeming inability of Trump to move ahead with his MAGA agenda left many disaffected with politics. We saw the rise and fall of wignattery. Fat neckbeards in plastic stahlhelms marched on the streets. Optics were debated and screwed.

This week we had the Fields verdict and the yellow vests protests. The former is what we have to live with because we foolishly embraced “leaders” who led us into the obvious trap of a pozzed city controlled by niggers and kikes, with a law school that puts out lawyers on the same tier as Yale or Princeton. The latter could have been our reality. There are a million places to hold a central right-wing rally. Why not private property? How were we so naive?

And if people hadn’t followed the pied pipers, the Trump movement could have served as the cover for our actors. We could have been the vanguard of something with mass support by half the country– much as the yellow vests are serving as the proxy for nationalist interests now in France because convincing people to riot against the Jewish system over taxes and penny pinching is a lot easier to get them to go all in on white nationalism. When Charlemagne went to unify the European peoples against non-white invaders, he did not address them as white brothers.

The opportunity cost is staggering, and we’ve been set years back by tolerating reckless narcissists in our midst who were willing to destroy an unlimited number of the lives of our guys just to try to hold desperately onto the attention of journalists.

But we made it through. We learned our lessons, acknowledged our mistakes, and grew wiser. The people that led men to arrests, doxings, and loss of employment were expelled. The most important thing for committed pro-whites to do is seize institutional power through infiltration. What that does not mean, however, is that we relinquish all attempts to exert our influence through actions carried out in meatspace. The streets will be ours along with these tubes. We will confront the enemies of our people when and where they least expect it, even on their own turf. If they ban us on Twitter, we will bring the memes to them!

We’re still going to fight and cause trouble for the system, but we are going to do it smart. And unlike a lot of scumbags out there, we care about your future. We don’t want you to dox yourself. We don’t want to fuck up your future so bad that you have to move into some fat goon’s trailer park compound. We care about you. We want you to be healthy, happy, and integrated into society– because it is the only way to win. Hitler, Mussolini, Vargas– these guys were elected. Hitler had to convince a majority of the German parliament to appoint him Chancellor and pass the Enabling Act.

It takes mass appeal to create the kind of shift we need, and for that we need our men to be successful and influential, not atomized lunatics doing cosplay while screaming about how elections don’t matter. We will give you ways to fight without having you risk your future, so you can still subvert the institutions and make a living during daylight hours.

This is a call to action. The Stormer Book Clubs are looking for A Few Good Goys. We will soon see a return to the atmosphere that led to the glorious rebirth of our movement in 2015. There will be Trump rallies, there will be leftist terrorism. We will see our White American brothers and sisters attacked in the streets simply for supporting their elected leader.

Shit will go down. And we must be ready.

Join us now. Get organized with your local Stormer Book Club and be prepared to do your part in the coming struggle. If you’re an American and a White man of good character, email to find a crew in your area.
Don’t leave your future up to someone else.

Hail Victory.

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