Stormer, Volume 67: Wifi SSID Trolling Howto, Courtesy of Heroic Highschool Hatepoasters

Daily Stormer
December 2, 2018

Kiro 7 News:

Racist, homophobic Wi-Fi hotspot names, including swastikas, popped up on hundreds of student cellphones during Glacier Peak High School’s winter pep assembly Thursday, according to the Snohomish School District.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Some enterprising lads this week did some low budget, high effect local trolling. During a crowded school assembly, they just set their wifi SSIDs on their phones to some hilarious stuff.

The hits included “nigger children should be raped.”

And the always classic unicode swastika. 😂😂😂

[The] principal grabbed the microphone at the assembly, mentioned school safety and abruptly ended the assembly.

Rekt. You just got memed on, dawg.

Of course, they bring out a token nigger student to cry about it.

It’s like Saruman tried to cross-breed the Uruk-Hai with a hobbit. 

“Everyone started freaking out,” said Ellison. “Thought there could’ve been an active shooter on campus.”


Okay so nobody could possibly see “nigger children should be raped” next to “fuck me daddy” and possibly think that equates to shots being fired, they’re just putting a nigger student up there on TV to pretend that it is some kind of quasiterrorist activity to type the nigger word with the hard R anywhere in the world. Because you are not allowed to ever question anything niggers say. If a nigger says mean words are equivalent to a threat to shoot up a school, you better get used to it and stop saying mean words. This is why the mere presence of nonwhites in our countries will lead to the eventual destruction of our foundational freedoms. The only way to assure the sanctity of the First Amendment is remove all these filthy, lying apes that would attack it dishonestly from our soil.

This wifi AP trolling is a disruptive and effective mode of culture jamming and social disruption that anyone and everyone can do with zero investment and a massive return of lulz. Anytime you are in a crowd, you simply start broadcasting a wifi AP that’s something about killing nigger babies. Someone is going to open their phone, see it, and at least get really mad somewhere even if it is only stewing in their rage where they stand and you don’t get to witness them chimp out over it. Hell, change every wifi AP that you can get your hands on to something flagrantly offensive, and watch the mass triggering occur. I guarantee a coordinated effort at this will reap glorious dividends.

This kind of enterprising way to make trouble using the nigger word gives me hope for the future. These kids are the future Stormers of America.

Michelle Renschler said she once posted online about kids at Glacier Peak High School who flew confederate flags and then received messages from one of those kids.

She shared one message with KIRO 7 that read in part, “the rednecks at this school don’t take no (expletive).”

That’s right, bitch, you can bet your ass that they don’t. Keep pushing and see what happens. The next generation has zero desire to play your games.

I hear white kids say the N-word all the time, could be an offensive way, such like that, which is kind of frustrating,” said Ellison.

Confirmed: generation Zyklon constantly expresses its desire to do brutal violence to niggers and nigger children. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

This kind of enterprising and innovative hate posting is exactly what we need to make the lulz great again. Get to work with those wifi access points, Stormers. You know what to do.

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