Stormer, Volume 65: More Censorship From France, Courtesy of Pittsburgh

Daily Stormer
November 18, 2018

As covered in last week’s digest, the hammer is coming down in France because of the second largest dissident right website in the world, Démocratie Participative. Because their domain is about to be blocked at the DNS level by all French ISPs under a court order later this month, and the only offsite social network they have to tell people their next location at is the Russia-based VKontakte, the Jews of France are frantically attempting to have all “hate” pages removed from VK before the deadline.

CRIF, the French equivalent to the ADL, wrote an open letter to the Russian ambassador to France, which has an interesting note at the end:

Après l’attentat qui a été perpétré contre une synagogue à Pittsburgh, attentat qui a endeuillé la communauté juive et les Etats-Unis, nous savons que l’incitation à la haine peut se transformer.

After the attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, a bombshell that bereaved the Jewish community and the United States, we know that incitement to hatred can transform men.

These stinking kikes have the gall to whine to Russians from France over a single shooting that happened in America.

A single mass shooting is a tragedy. A million shootings is a statistic.

You are not trained in military action or intelligence. Whatever rogue event you think you are a smart enough to do, I assure you that you are not. There’s only one way to go about this. You absolutely have to seize control of the state. The Jews get to kvetch just as much over the Gunfight at OK Synagogue as much as a new holocaust (that really happens this time.) So when we move against them, make sure it is the scale of the latter.

If you’re gonna take the heat, you should aim to leave the job complete.

A single wignat’s irresponsibility is being leveraged to injure free speech on another continent, against peoples who do not even speak the same language. Keep in mind that your actions have massive, far-reaching consequences. Your life and the sum of its decisions matter. Everything we do influences the grand scheme of the world. If there’s one thing that you do not want to do under any circumstances, it is escalate to a kinetic conflict before you have the numbers and infrastructure to win it.

Please remember, any ill-advised thing you might engage in could lead to your brothers being imprisoned or killed. It could lead to thousands of nationalists on a distant shore being harassed and oppressed. Keep your cool and do your job: educate your friends, family, and loved ones on the problem of the Jew. Keep your cool, because we’re only going to get one shot at this.

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