Stormer, Volume 64: Censorship for the Frogs

Daily Stormer
November 11, 2018

At Alexa rank 43k, a French site called Démocratie Participative is the #2 site by total viewers in the dissident right. At rank 1500 within France, it has the highest per-capita penetration of any anti-Semitic publication. This week, a stunning French court decision required every single ISP in France to block the site on the DNS level on every ISP in the country. France is quickly scrambling to implement a massive new Internet filtering system because of one single website, because it talks about the Jews.

As the most censored publication in the history of man, we at the Daily Stormer know that feel.

No site that criticizes Christianity, Islam, or any Pagan faith has ever been subject to this level of censorship. It is despicable, criminal kikes that have sabotaged the free and open Internet. We have empirically proven that Jews are the sole parties in control of global Internet censorship. There is only one potential way for us to have Internet freedom: the Jews must be exiled universally to Israel and the entire nation must be deprived of international telecommunications connectivity, or they must be exterminated wholesale. The First Amendment sacrosanct, and its freedoms manifest can only come with the destruction or expulsion of Jewry.

A French court alleges that Démocratie Participative is the work of Boris le Lay. I have no idea if that is true or not, but to those unfamiliar with Boris, he fled France as a political dissident after the most bizarre and Orwellian series of prison sentences. He is a Breton, one of the best tribes of France today. His first prison sentence came down because of a video of a negro badly playing some kind of traditional music in his regional garb. In a sea of traitors from Marseille and Paris fawning over their pet nigger in the comments, his quiet rebellion was a simple statement of fact: “there is no such thing as a black celt.”

The outrage from the Jews was palpable. For this small act he was sentenced to years in prison. Then he pointed out how the judge who sentenced him was black and questioned the impartiality and legitimacy of a foreign judge on a case like this. In return for this, he was sentenced to even more years in prison for contempt of court. Now he faces decades in prison and lives as a rogue outlaw. Each prison sentence goes further into the territory of “double secret probation.”

If in fact Boris le Lay is somehow part of Démocratie Participative, it seems that the French government’s violation of his basic liberty of free expression is coming home to roost, as he started the 2nd most popular dissident site in the world in the French language as a result. Millions of Frenchmen have come to learn the truth about the subjugation of their nation. Its success and audience has been miraculous, and finally its propensity for truth telling has elicited the same kind of tyrannical Jewish censorship campaigns that The Daily Stormer has similarly been victimized by.

Whatever gods may be will eventually bring blessings to all those that tell the truth about the wicked Jews. The Jews and their non-white pets will be punished for the persecution of honest men. Their property and possessions will be seized for recompense to all those who have been violated by their illegitimate systems of courts and thuggish violence. Props to DP for being similarly blessed by Jewish persecution. To resist is to exist.

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