Stormer, Volume 62: Shots Fired!

Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

So it finally happened. Someone took a gun and walked into a synagogue. Incidentally right in the middle of the ritual in which the rabbi literally fellates the bloody penis of an infant in a perverted blood sacrifice. He emptied his magazine into the crowd of Satanic, Christ-killing nation-wreckers. He was the exact opposite of this site’s editors and readership. He was virulently anti-Trump, and believed Trump to be a wicked agent of dispossession and Jewish fraud. He stated that he had never touched a MAGA hat or voted for Trump. He had no hope for lawful action or democratic change. He was not our guy. Nobody from this site had ever heard of him.

His acts were misguided and ineffective. They aren’t going to help anyone. I don’t support them. But I understand.

Trump supporters are not going to go around shooting people. We believe in a lawful path based on elections paving the best way for a better tomorrow for the American race. We are trying our best to resolve the problems in front of us peacefully, and every single page on this site contains a firm denouncement of violence.

Jews, for some demonic reason, attempt to obstruct us. They want to destroy the American people and flood my great nation with millions of browns to turn it into a third world hellhole. This is not a new problem. One of the boldest leaders of the 20th century said thus: “Jews were responsible for bringing Negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate.” Jews have done this to people many times before. Once you see the pattern, it is impossible to ignore. The truth about it is enough to drive some people over the edge.

We are the peaceful path to reconciliation. If Jews relinquish power to our men, compensate those that they have enacted harm and violence upon, and accept punishment for the evils they commit, we could have a peaceful, democratic transition away from Jewish power that does not involve bloodshed. This website has continually presented that as the best option. But there are plenty of people in other corners of the world that if denied that path will enter a state of hopelessness and despair, and in such a state they will be willing to put high velocity transition metals into Jew flesh.

We are not madmen with guns. We are lawful, democratic actors that believe in peaceful revolution. But there are many potential men like Robert Bowers out there, ready to collect the moral debt Jewry have amassed in the blood of their families and children. Help us help you, you filthy kikes. Stop obstructing our political goals. We will have a country free of brown rats, in which our Constitutional rights will be forever sacrosanct. You will leave America and Europe forever. If Jews do not do this soon, we cannot guarantee their safety. The arrival of more madmen with guns is inevitable if Jews continue preventing us from Making America Great Again, and those responsible for the subversion of America might find themselves bleeding out on a cold floor.

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