Stormer, Volume 60: The Incel Rebellion Has Already Begun

Daily Stormer
October 14, 2018

This week an episode of Law and Order: SVU aired to demonize and dehumanize incels. Initially I began cackling like a madman over 4chan’s Chad and Stacy meme being repeated on the air dozens of times.

After the laughter subsided I realized how insidious this is. Incels are the single most oppressed and vulnerable population on the earth. These people have been denied any semblance of a normal life by civilizational changes wrought by the perfidious Jews. The destruction of monogamy and married life is a very recent transition. The 19th century had functional relationships and families in spades– but the abolition of coverture and the removal of traditional means of public female discipline lead to whores running amok in the 20th, egged on by Jewish-controlled mass media.

It is but an obvious truth that the average woman is fit for the average man. Every single woman alive today should have been married off to a man equal to her worth in the middle of her teens so she may be adequately prepared for the duties of marriage and begin making children before she turns 20. It would not take much to restore sanity regarding women. We simply make women property again (first of the father and then of the husband), as the regime of coverture asserted for thousands of years until its abolition in the late 19th century. We return to traditional mores surrounding divorce: all property, money, and children stay with the husband. We bring back the branks for the skanks that open their mouths to dissent against men, and public flogging in the pillory stocks for those who exhibit licentiousness or commit adultery.

Of all the manosphere sites, we are the only one giving a viable alternative to garbage like MGTOW, which sadly encourages men to retreat to video games and porn. And just as we begin to make progress in this public discussion about the role of women, the Jewish media is here to attack honest and decent pro-rape activists.

Incels have been robbed of their futures, denied the very basic elements of normalcy that were inherent to the lives of all men for thousands of years. Now they get to be mocked, belittled, cast as would-be serial killers, and be labeled with as many pathologies as possible. Incels have absolutely no benefits as participants in the modern world. I can tell you this right now: when things have been their worst in my life, the only thing that has kept me from going to Valhalla decades prematurely is the fact that I can easily get laid. If that wasn’t on the table, you would have seen me on the news for far different reasons than racist polemic. Keep kicking the incels, Jews, and they might just decide that if they can’t lead a satisfying life, they might settle for payback against those who denied it to them.

The Daily Stormer traffics in forbidden truths of all sorts— including the truth about women. The articles about women are significantly more popular than the ones about Jews. This site is viable because we have been given a monopoly on the truth by being the only ones willing to subject ourselves to the social consequences of building something that disseminates it on this scale. We are not just the biggest anti-Semitic publication in the history of man. We’re also the biggest site in the manosphere.

It is with this acknowledgement that we highlight the recent closure of the second biggest site in the manosphere. On the first of this month, its proprietor announced that the news site Return of Kings would cease its operations. He found it impossible to keep his staff fed after being hounded off of ad networks and barred from payment platforms. It’s a story familiar to anyone in the space of racism. RoK published a thoughtful article about Daily Stormer being censored when we lost our first series of domain names, and it did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I am pouring one out for all of their contributors tonight.

A fitting time to mention that this publication subsists off of the continuing support of readers like you. This week we published an entire novella’s worth of material, and our staffers need to eat. If you haven’t sent any money this year, please consider sending the price of discount Wall Street Journal or New York Times subscription (~$230) or more if you are feeling generous. If all of our readers would pitch in the cost of a newspaper subscription, we’d be able to compete more effectively against well established publications. Don’t let The Daily Stormer end up like Return of Kings!

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