Stormer, Volume 6: Cats for Snek

Daily Stormer
October 1, 2017

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I always considered myself a dog person. I used to hunt with setters. Bird dogs. They were like family. I always considered myself part of the #DogRight. Yesterday, however, was Caturday, and the ice kikes had just taken our domain. They actually claimed that Andrew Anglin doesn’t exist, and that was the basis for the seizure. I think the Icelanders are onto something here. As time goes on, we will cease to be normal beings of flesh and become formally established as myths. It seemed time to move to .cat.

When I think of cats in the context of magic, I think of the goddess Freyja. She was the only tolerable cat lady. Her chariot was drawn by cats, and she also skinned them and made gloves of their pelts. I think that sounds pretty great tbh fam. Why are our skanks not wearing cat pelt clothing? There’s a lot of cats out there and their pelts are pretty soft. It doesn’t make sense for women to be covered in cheap polymers when we could cover them in literal catsuits. Someone get on this. Freyja also had intimate relations with some dwarves and I’m not really a tall guy so that signals sexual availability to me so that’s pretty good. You hear a lot of modern era cultural references to Valhalla, but in the Norse mythology only half of the heroes who died in battle went to Valhalla. The other half went to Fólkvangr to fight for Freyja. They run it like an NFL draft pick, taking turns over which heroes they desire. Though I like to follow Wotan in life, I am hoping to look upon Freyja after death.

It’s a hard call though. Valhalla has better food with the sæhrímnir bacon. I’d rather have a shot at the finest piece of ass in the universe though, given the choice.

Winter is coming, so maybe this has something to do with the Yule cat, which would eat anyone not wearing new clothes by the time of the solstice. Maybe we need to continue being diligent and industrious in this time of lack and persecution.

The symbolism of the astrological Leo sign is borrowed from the Nemean lion, whose hide impenetrable by weapons did not save it from being strangled to death by Heracles. If there’s a lesson to take away from that it’s that anything can be killed, even the great beast that is the Jew.

Daily Stormer was only the first. Now that censorship has moved into the layer of domain registration, the offices of the .cat registry have been raided by the Spanish government and the CTO arrested to try to force the closing of websites related to the Catalonian independence referendum. We were at the forefront of censorship, but you’re going to see the same technique applied to registrars and registries more often as time goes on. Until domain names are enshrined in law as a sacred, untouchable ground, you’re going to see more and more use of state force and intelligence and law enforcement pressures to silence dissent using domain seizures worldwide.

We stand in solidarity with the Catalan people, and invite them to share in our struggle for a free and open Internet.