Stormer, Volume 59: Time for the GOP to Embrace Polemic Against Harlots

Daily Stormer
October 7th, 2018

The conclusion of the Kavanaugh saga marks the GOP’s ascent towards one of the most profitable issues for it to exploit: the punishment of women. The vast majority of the electorate wants to see these filthy skanks put in their place. I know the data on this first hand.

At The Daily Stormer, we run one of the biggest conservative publications in the world. This claim is not an invention of mine— MediaPost (makes trade magazines and organizes conferences for the publishing industry) put us on their index of the top 20 conservative websites earlier this year. We have orders of magnitude more brand recognition than many others in the top 20. As a site that consistently serves millions of viewers, we get a firsthand experience with subjects that are popular among Trump voters. We know by the view counts exactly what kind of articles people want to read.

The articles about women on this site are orders of magnitude more popular than the ones about Jews. This has been a statistical constant for years now. Exposing the truth about Jews is the core mission of this website, but it is hardly the way we drive traffic. We have to find other subjects to bring people in on that emotionally resonate with them, and as a consequence they get exposed to the information in our verticles like “Jewish Problem” and turned into proper anti-Semites.

We’re a successful enterprise largely because we have a monopoly on certain kinds of truth, and the single most frequent source of support and traffic from normies is the truth about women.

Very few people get their lives directly ruined by a Jew. Sure, they get them ruined by Jewish policies, but they don’t see the Jew while that happens. I myself have had my life personally destroyed by Jews, but I am a prominent anti-Semite and obviously an exception. Few people can psychologically connect their problems to policy, and the policy to the evil kikes that decided upon it in the shadows.

Many more have had their lives ruined by Mexicans— but only the people unlucky enough to be a victim of cartel or feral illegal violence, or have their neighborhood inundated with smelly spics. That certainly isn’t all of the USA, though it is certainly quite a lot of people.

In contrast, about 99% of people breathing have had their lives ruined, or at least drastically lessened by the wickedness of a woman. Their mothers destroyed their fathers and their families. Their partners whored. Their wives divorced, and took the house and the kids. The net effect of the criminal whoring of skanks destroys children and families in untold numbers. The primary driver behind the radicalization of Generation Z is seeing what despicable whores their own mothers and sisters are.

The electorate wants to see women suffer even more than Mexicans.

Making these filthy skanks cry is the single most powerful motivator that the GOP could possibly tap into. There isn’t a single man that heard those harpies screeching during the Kavanaugh vote and didn’t derive some level of visceral pleasure from it. Keep making the hookers cry, and the votes will flow like water. You know what to do, fellow Republicans: bludgeon these skanks with traditional gender roles until they stop moving.

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