Stormer, Volume 58: Tucker Predicts Race War

Daily Stormer
September 30, 2018

A few years ago when I would talk about the coming race war people would write it off as absolute kookery. These days even milquetoast sources like Fox News have to put an admission that it is coming into their primetime TV slots.

This week Tucker took note of the highly racialized, anti-white commentary surrounding the Kavanaugh hearings– in which all participants are white.

And then he says a race war might be coming soon.

TUCKER: Are you worried that if dumb people like David Gergen or the rest at CNN keep up with the race hatred that that will actually encourage some kind of conflict?

“Some kind of conflict” involving “race hatred” — I wonder what this could be?

Let me tell you what kind of conflict this is, Tucker: Racial Holy War. It is as old as time. The war discussed in the Vedas– light vs darkness. Good vs evil. The comforts and trappings of modernity do not put an end to this conflict. The browns are intent on removing you and your children from the earth. They were spawned by a blind and mad god of materialism that the Greeks referred to as the demiurge, and their demonic purpose is to destroy all that is good and turn earth into a mirror of the wicked mindscape of their master.

You see this in a lot of different countries. We really don’t want it here.

Maybe you don’t want it Tucker, but you should. The extermination of the lesser races is the only way to secure an existence for your people and a future for your children’s children.

But could we get there if they don’t stop?

Of course it is going to get there, Tucker. It is good that you are talking about this, but you aren’t nearly going far enough. We’re about to have a Balkans in the 90s kind of moment. The blood will run in the streets like water. Women will be raped. Children will be killed. You need to get your viewers prepared for this eventuality. Have they made strike plans? Have they casted their own mortars and artillery? Do they have lists saved of local Democratic donors, and movement plans to assault more heavily blue areas when their local environments are cleansed?

You need to give them the talk. If the President calls his voters to action, how many Fox News viewers are prepared to slaughter as many Democrats as possible with the highest degree of efficiency?

DHILLON: We have it, we have it, Tucker.

TUCKER: I hate that.

DHILLON: Oh my gosh, so on Berkeley campus across the street where I’m you know, helping with the litigation over there there are places where whites are not supposed to go.

TUCKER: Come on.

DHILLON: I mean that is apartheid. It’s apartheid on our college campuses. It’s outrageous. But on a higher level, stepping back from the cultural disintegration of the phenomenon, the Democrats are seizing on any kind of club that they have handy. So if you have a white man in front of you let’s beat up on him for being a white man.

Certainly these Democrats who are creating no-go zones for whites have the infrastructure and territory to systematically murder Republicans. Why are Democrats more prepared for the coming race war than Republicans? You need to ensure your viewers are prepared to defend our country.

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