Stormer, Volume 57: Eulogy for Cody Wilson

Daily Stormer
September 23, 2018

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They are trying to take Cody from us.

Earlier this year I read an article in The New Yorker. It features an SPLC employee reduced to “Pepe Silvia” tier insanity. They’re talking about how they have a cork board and string up in a mountain shack with pictures of various dissidents against the kike machine:

Beirich escapes as often as possible to a cabin in the mountains. “There’s this huge corkboard in the living room that has pictures of maybe thirty people we’re concerned about,” she said. She named Cody Wilson, Andrew Anglin, and Andrew Auernheimer (“this scary anti-Semitic hacker”).

Note to the ADL: this reference to Pepe has nothing to do with Matt Furie. 

It was an honor to have two of the figures of this site listed among the top three threats to the Jewish machine– and Cody Wilson always will be a brother in arms. Cody is one of the few that couldn’t be stopped by dozens of lawsuits. Cody wanted every American to be able to live in a world that matched the vision of the framers: free men participating in the unfettered marketplace of ideas, capable of resisting tyranny by both the pen and the sword. Cody was woven into Daily Stormer history when he launched Hatreon– a crowdfunding site that catered to all those engaged in lawful political speech that were barred from other payment platforms. Hatreon allowed us to collect cash via credit card payments for a moment until it was shut down by high-level executives at VISA itself.

Of course, defending the First Amendment in this manner was only a side gig for Cody. Defending the Second was his real priority, because he knew that the First Amendment hinges upon the ability of the people to threaten the Deep State with total liquidation by putting a bullet in every single one of their corrupt, kike-sucking faces. An unarmed populace has no ability to defend the rights assured them by Nature’s God. That’s why the kikes want gun control more than anything else. As long as you have your guns, you have a chance at freedom from Jewish tyranny. If you lose the ability to kill federal agents if it becomes necessary, you lose every right enumerated by the framers in the blink of an eye.

Since Cody put his flesh on the altar of liberty, now these subhuman animals come for it as a sacrifice. He’s got a false charge for sexual abuse of a minor as a result of a disgusting whore lying about her age, claiming to be 18, so they could entrap him in criminal charges to end his struggle.

One of the 3 biggest threats to Jewish supremacy is on the cross now. The remainder of the trinity will fight until their last breath, using this website as their weapon against global Zionist hegemony. Let what has happened to Cody highlight the extent of the sacrifice they endure– Cody couldn’t even hope to get laid in peace, without a clear setup from the deep state putting him in prison for attempting to fulfill a basic biological need.

Death to the Jews. I swear upon whatever gods may be: these filthy kikes will be made to pay for what they have done to Cody.