Stormer, Volume 56: Big Brother

Daily Stormer
September 16, 2018

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WikiLeaks posted a video of a Jew speaking in front of a Hebrew slideshow yesterday. The words he spoke are revealing:

To give you the scope of the system: the system covers the entire Internet right now. Two social networks— Facebook and Twitter, and it covers all the posts, all the tweets. Of them, it identifies every day 200,000 suspect posts and tweets that are suspected for anti-Semitism, then it analyzes them using artificial intelligence and machine learning, and ultimately identifies roughly 10,000 anti-Semitic posts a day…

As of now, and forward, this information is going to be made public. It in itself will be a great deterrent to anti-Semitism. This system takes information that is created here and acts…

and then notifying the local intelligence and law enforcement forces in a certain European country…

tell the municipality in a certain city … to call up the Mayor and tell him do something about this.”

In the nineties there was a RAC band called Day of the Sword. The first song off their album “Ear to Ear” was titled “Big Brother” with lyrics about a fantastic technological panopticon ran by Jews with the intent of spying on the world.

Satellite invasion in the western skies
The beast has many eyes
Cameras on the road watching where you go
Are you the next victim of a sensory probe

Deadly microwaves, E.L.F. to suppress
Subliminals heard and obeyed
Bugs, taps, fiber optic, infra red
And you pay outrageous taxes to keep Big Brother fed

License, registration, magnetic bar codes
If he wants you he will track you down
Watch you work, watch you play
What you think, what you say
Big Brother knows exactly where you can be found

Big Brother is watching you
Big Brother’s a stinking Jew

This was back before Facebook and Google existed, but the author of these lyrics was so disturbed by the endemic violations of our Fourth Amendment that he decided to do something totally drastic. He did a series of bank and armored car robberies to fund an Aryan revolution and violently overthrow the government.

I’m not saying that this was right (a study of recent history is not going to reveal a lot of nation-states successfully founded by armed robbers– it clearly wasn’t a well thought out path to liberation) but it certainly had not an ounce of moral wrong to it. This was before there was any kind of white nationalist posting culture on the Internet. What else was he supposed to do to resist the Jews?

Gods only know the dumb stuff I might have got up to if I hadn’t of found the Internet and started posting memes. It would probably have involved a flamethrower, and we got too much important stuff to get done to seek the glories of Valhalla at a tender young age.

You can insult the disgusting remnants of 1.0 that do goony street marches all you like, and I’ll wholeheartedly agree, but there were also men who joined organizations like the ARA and The Order and stayed true to the end, be it decades of prison or summary execution by federal agents. There were men that were willing to put their bodies on the altar of liberty and defend freedom with their own blood. And these men deserve statues to them all over, as time proves them right all along.