Stormer, Volume 53: Molto interessante: Il Daily Stormer!

Daily Stormer
August 26, 2018

I must interrupt this celebration of glioblastoma— the cancer that killed Ted Kennedy and John McCain on the same day– the lightning and the sun, the divine manifestation of Kalki the avenger, the glory and the light of the divine, with some very special announcements for today’s readers of the Stormer.

I’ll give you the big one first: we are now launching Il Daily Stormer, an Italian language publication. Amazing things are happening in Italy, and every day we pray that Salvini is made an Emperor. Through meme magic, we hope to make those dreams come true! Here’s to a future where la Pubblicazione più censurata della Storia furthers the cause of white supremacy in gloriosa Italia!

Last year we began publishing El Daily Stormer, a Spanish language publication which saw immense growth and success. El Daily Stormer now has a higher per capita penetration in Spain than Daily Stormer does in its English language version in the United States. Roughly one in every ten visitors to the Stormer now is a Spanish speaker. The publication got state funded pedophiles fired from their jobs, and influenced the course of justice in several court cases. Millions of Spanish speakers have flocked to read El Daily Stormer.

We chose to enable our Spanish book clubs first because it is the second most spoken European language, and the amount of trouble you can cause with a political essay is proportional to the number of people that can read it. Additionally, the timing seemed right to enter the market in Spain. I thought it would be a near impossible challenge to create a foreign language publication, but with a ragtag team of book club members that had fluency in Spanish we managed to get the job done. We proved that the Stormer is the #1 publication in racism and anti-Semitism because of the superior formula we follow, and that continuous horizontal growth into new markets is something we can do on a regular basis. Today Italian, tomorrow the world!

In addition to the launch of the Italian publication, we have another big advent in multilingual Stormer infrastructure this week. We’ve moved to alter our typesetting system to support multiple languages and sources. Starting today, the weekly will serve as a digest and archive for Spanish as well as English posts. When you archive and redistribute the Stormer weekly, you will be doing a service for the white race in dozens of additional nations. The exact number will grow, as we are going to do 3-5 additional languages by the end of the year. With any luck we’ll have the entirety of the Mediterranean coastline locked down with neon-nazi memes, and be bringing the meme war deep into the territories of Asia.

Hail Victory!

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