Stormer, Volume 52: Our First Year of Print Media

Daily Stormer
August 19, 2018

A year ago we faced a situation no website had ever faced in the history of the Internet. A global collusion of major corporations and governments in an attempt to make the content published here permanently inaccessible to the world. Whereas many people would quit when faced with such problems, we could not be broken. Faced with a series of domain seizures and CDN blacklistings, we used the dark web, launching a Daily Stormer hidden service. We made significant improvements to the Tor software, and have maintained a custom fork of it to this day.

Then we put out a weekly newsmagazine digest of the previous week’s content, hiring a professional typesetter to get it right. Funny that most publications have moved from print to digital because it is more cost effective, but we moved from digital to print because we needed to give people tools to evade a global Jewish conspiracy to silence us.

This issue marks one year of typesetting artisan hate speech every week. I know a bunch of you have asked about acquiring volumes you missed, so here’s the archive of this past year’s issues, available via:

As always, please download this, archive it on your local storage, and then reupload and share it via as many means as you can: Soulseek, eDonkey, IPFS, DVDs sent to friends, thumb drives, random fileshares on campus networks. Walk into libraries and convince librarians to stock it for their communities. Get as many copies of this served in as many places as possible, to ensure that the kikes can never wipe the words of the Stormer staff off the face of the earth.

We also released compressed build archives in this bundle, which will allow you to examine the build system by which we produce these every week and build your own print magazine from your site. There are tons of publications in countries around the world that come under censorship. Daily Stormer has set the standard for censorship evasion, and we want to share the hard earned knowledge with everyone who is subject to tyranny. You can examine these and see exactly how the sausage of the Stormer weekly is made, and if you find your own media outlet subject to an international campaign of censorship, you too can respond with a portable, sharable, archivable version of your news site.

There is always the concern in the back of our heads that if they murder us, these weekly versions will leave an archivable record of the things we accomplished for historians.

Trump is bringing the cavalry soon. I pray FCC Chairman Pai is going to fix our censorship problems. The eagle will roar, and the Constitution will be held aloft. Still, it has been an honor this past year to be the tech team fighting for Internet freedom. Nobody else showed up for the job, and we were happy to have it.

This is the introduction to our weekly content digest! Show your appreciation for the authors by helping preserve their work for posterity through the process of samizdat. Download this weekly edition, archive it on your local storage, reupload it to a different location than you found it, and share it from there. Encourage others to do the same.

  • PDF: 146 pages, 7.4M (recommended for printing or desktop reading)
  • ePub: 1177 pages, 6.9M (recommended for mobile devices and eBook readers)
  • Build files, 7.7M (for inquisitive programmers and typesetters)