Stormer, Volume 51: The Post-Charlottesville Universe

Daily Stormer
August 12, 2018

Charlottesville was a year ago. I was one of the sole quiet voices against the event, and generally got told to chill out because I was taking things too seriously. As one of the world’s most notorious trolls it was odd that I was put into the role of being the adult in the room. I never applied for the job of telling people how harsh reality was. I just wanted to make nigger jokes on the Internet. I knew this thing was going to be a disaster but there was nothing I could do to convince people that it was anything more than a racist Internet poster conference.

People were going to do this rally and there was nothing I could do to stop it. So I went around trying to tell people how to stay secure in situations involving kinetic action. I published the critical bullet points in a Stormer essay titled “Operational Security for Right-Wing Rallies“.

When I told people to use devices and accounts specific to the event, and avoiding idle chat and racially charged statements on Internet services I put a lot of emphasis on that. It was the majority of the article. Of course, after the event was finished I was furious to learn just how much content was on a public Discord managed by Mosley and Kessler, and how much of it was damning to people’s lives and futures. Much of that Discord discussion is the subject of various court filings. Of course, half of this duo has already left us. The other half doesn’t seem to care the number of people that are getting bankrupted by his mismanagement.

Some people won’t heed basic wisdom and common sense until they get kicked in the face.

The most critical failure of Charlottesville is that people were eager to follow leaders who were fundamentally unfit for any leadership role. If you want to discover what real revolutionaries are like, simply look to the history of our nation. The signatories of the Declaration of Independence didn’t look like wignats. Most of them had attained elected office, and held positions of rank within the structures of the churches of their communities. The ones that hadn’t were otherwise successful, typically having found vast wealth in mercantile or industrial pursuits.

If someone comes to you without social capital to spend and wants you to help build it for them, you should laugh in their face. There are infinite number of fly-by-night parasites incapable of building anything for themselves who will do everything they can to bleed you of resources until they fade away, never creating anything lasting of value. There are an infinite number of people that would see you compromise your jobs and futures simply to add a little bit more contention to their photo ops. The most guilty parties following this formula, the two Matts, have left us as well. When the cuck box broke it heralded a new era– one where parading anti-social losers around in public like fools to sully the lives of good men who are naive enough to stand next to them will forever be known to all who lived through its breaking as a tactic of shameful, low-life frauds consumed by their own egotism and greed. It scattered to the winds the crowd of imbeciles pretending that behavior was leading to some kind of street fighting revolution.

If this is going to be a serious political effort, you need to recognize what real leaders are. And to do that, you need to really make a careful study of great leaders. Let us never repeat last year’s mistakes. You’re all older and wiser, and I trust that you know now that what we are doing is not a game. Sure, we indoctrinated you with entertainment and memes. We made it seem like fun and games at first, but there is nothing more real than the struggle you have entered into. You all know now that there can be serious consequences for involvement in this space, and that the war we wage here is a spiritual war against demonic enemies who know no limit in their desire to see your destruction or their capacity for atrocity and injustice. As we reach the end of the cycle of our civilization, ours is the generation that will define whether our nations and peoples are smothered in selfish materialism and self-loathing or soar once more in a glorious rebirth.

This is not a game. When you opened this site you were set on a divine path, and there are only two ends: glory and death. Nothing has ever been so real as this.

Seriously though, please don’t take me on another ride like this last year. I feel like I’ve aged a decade here.

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