Stormer, Volume 49: The March of Censorship

Daily Stormer
July 29, 2018

YouTube gave Alex Jones a content strike and prohibited him from live-streaming and Facebook threatens to remove his pages. Much ado in the media was made this week over it, similarly to the “Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web” run by the Jew York Times. Though this site’s owner, Andrew Anglin, has nothing but nice things to say about Alex Jones, I have to give a dissenting opinion here as Alex Jones posts outright lies as he claims to distribute “The Most Banned Information In The World.”

Alex Jones hasn’t been banned by a single national government. We’ve been banned by the proclamations of many. The Jewish domain registration oligopoly has not conspired to steal his domains. He did not have his YouTube channels summarily executed without multiple strikes like the Daily Stormer channel— or the channels of Trump-supporting comedians Sam Hyde and weev, who were banned for non-reasons quite recently.

This has not happened to a single Infowars channel.

Alex is still on Twitter and Facebook. He is hardly a major victim of censorship, and pretending that he has is a form of despicable fraud.

If Donald J. Trump doesn’t do something, this is unavoidably going to come to violence. These filthy, stinking kikes in Silicon Valley are making people choose between free speech and their continued existence. I don’t advocate violence. I will continue to proclaim that white supremacy is a religion of peace. We’re here to participate fairly in the democratic process– and there’s a disclaimer prohibiting violence on every single page here.

But if you make the people choose between freedom and your life, eventually they are going to choose freedom. Any blood in the ensuing backlash is on the hands of the despicable Jews, particularly the Kohanim (the priestly caste in Judaism– they are singularly responsible for directing other Jewry.)

So far there’s only one person who has shot up a YouTube office, and it is a brown woman from Iran.

Nasim didn’t manage to kill any of you rats, but I can utter a prophecy to the filthy, stinking Jews: if the divinely granted Constitutional right of free speech and assembly continues to be violated by Internet industry Jewry, a natural consequence of this will be the death of your children. Keep pushing and see what happens. Whites are a naturally friendly and empathetic people not prone to violence, but when they finally snap they tend get a lot higher kill counts with far more catastrophic methods and targets.

Please, President Trump, step in and keep the peace: regulate these filthy Jews and make them respect the Constitution of AMERICA and the interests of the AMERICAN people— not the interests of parasitic foreign nations and their pet invaders. We want peace and prosperity, unlike these kike traitors.

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