Stormer, Volume 46: Das Feuer steigt empor!

Daily Stormer 
July 8, 2018

First order of business: fresh A. Wyatt Mann content.

I’m not the blackpilling type, but I am guided by data. We at The Daily Stormer operate at a scale unprecedented in history for a publication dedicated to the dissemination of racial truths. Independent sources note our continued success despite all the issues of censorship and financial blockades which we have confronted. Publisher’s Daily/MediaPost now includes us in their general index of conservative websites. This isn’t something for normies. This is a trade publication for people in the media industry. Their primary thing is running conventions for the publishing industry.

More and more people not directly engaged in our political ideology are noticing the antifragility of the relentless assault upon the world that we wage through words alone on this site. Dozens of novel methods of censorship have been pioneered in a fruitless attempt to stop us, and yet here we are day after day, publishing away. As this happens, we have noticed our style of polemic bleeding out into other media outlets. There’s gonna be a lot more Tucker Carlsons.

Resources in the world are finite. The basis of The Daily Stormer’s success is our application of traditional quantitative methods used in the marketing industries: the multivariate test and choice modeling. We use formalized methods to determine the best strategies for convincing people to adopt our product. Though the thing we are trying to sell to the world is the superiority of a universe run by the Aryan conquerors, the means by which it is done would remain the same if we were trying to convince people to get a mortgage or buy a household appliance. We follow the data.

Data says that Germany is not the best place to deploy our resources. Even the recent spat between Merkel and Horst Seehofer seemed like appeasement theater. The primary merit of writing on Germany, in my mind, is not an attempt to influence what happens there but as a warning to the rest of the white world as to where Merkel’s policies will leave them. What sodomites do in Berlin now make the Weimar era look like a Puritan village. It is easy to write it off and hope for later reconquista, as few there seem to even care about this.

And yet yesterday a divine spark flared there, as a mainstream AfD politician and major local player in Saxony-Anhalt, André Poggenburg, posted a “German military then and now” meme on Twitter showing that Nazi general Rommel is better than trannies.

“This is a shame on our country and at the same time treason! It invites every opponent to invade our country!” he said. Truer words never spoken. Our hats off to André. This is Daily Stormer polemics applied to German politics. We know just how effective this style of polemic can be in the public sphere, and who knows how far this kind of fire can spread once it begins to light the primordial consciousness of the white men that see it blaze.

As long as straight white men still breathe, the divine fire can be relit. Even in Deutschland, now matter how far it falls.

Hail victory.

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