Stormer, Volume 45: Our Patience Has Its Limits

Daily Stormer
July 1, 2018

First order of Sunday business: a host of fresh A. Wyatt Mann memes, most centered around the immigration problem!

That’s quite a host of treats there for you career posters.

So someone finally shot up a newsroom. I’m surprised it has taken so long. Of course, there was a massive rush to blame Dana and MILO but the reality is this kind of thing is inevitable. The media is an immensely powerful institution that is now explicitly geared toward bullying and destroying the lives of individuals. It shows up at the houses of grandmothers and accuses them of Russian collusion for posting in support of Trump to the grandkids on Facebook. The shooter at the Capital Gazette this week was not even alt-lite. He was just an ordinary person that got his life destroyed by a malicious journalist.

They cannot stop this from happening. As the media continues to abuse its position to hurt more and more little people, they’re going to find themselves in the crosshairs of an angry victim more often. This is Newton’s Third Law at work. What is funny is that he was one of the precious spic pets of the Jews. Funny that it is these brown foreigners that are actually shooting up newspapers and YouTube. While feeding us the line that browns are the same as you and me, these kikes are getting mauled by the feral animals they brought to our shores.

I would never endorse violence. None of you should go out and kill any journalists. None of you should encourage anyone to do it either. What you do need to do, however, is push for the emotional normalization of violence against the media. When this kind of thing happens you need to go to everyone you know and say, “you know, I’d never kill any journalists myself, but I’d enthusiastically vote for any guy that says he’ll use state security services to do so.”

There are a number of dog whistles for Jews that you can express contempt bordering on the homicidal in public and still find normies on the street agreeing with you. You can say you feel that the media is contemptible and deserves vigorous extermination. You can say that you’d like to see lawyers and their families rounded up and put into camps, to a chorus of cheers of anyone that has ever interacted with the legal system. You can say that you value Internet freedom, and that when the YouTube censors found someone at their doorstep firing bullets at them, it set your soul aloft. You can say these things in public with a smile, often, and people will laugh and say, “if only.” After they absorb the message and the fire’s lit, you can tell them who Internet censors, journalists, and lawyers really are.

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