Stormer, Volume 44: IDing the Antifa Terrorist Inciting Violence Against ICE Agents

Daily Stormer
June 24, 2018

We here at The Daily Stormer appreciate the efforts of the brave men and women that work for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and decided to do a little something for them.

Daily Caller:

Antifa, a violent, so-called anti-fascist group, tweeted out a list of over 1,500 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents’ identities. The Twitter account “nebraska antifa” sent out a tweet to its followers on Tuesday that linked to the personal information of ICE officers compiled from information found on LinkedIn.

We know who runs the Nebraska antifa account. His name is Brett William Anderson. You can call him at 402-926-1779.

He works at the Nebraska Furniture Mart at 700 S 72nd Street, Omaha, Nebraska. His employment history is extremely spotty, so it is very likely that he performs quite poorly as a salesman and they’re already quite dissatisfied with his job performance. You can call them at 402-397-6100 and ask why they’re financially supporting terrorist threats and the incitement of violence against employees of the federal government.

We would have had a lot more trouble ID’ing this guy if he didn’t post selfies at work like a narcissistic idiot.

He goes by a variety of aliases and has been an accessory to a lot of acts of violence and vandalism. His mother is Lynette Dawn Anderson née Williams and she resides at 8607 S 47th Street, Omaha Nebraska.

We couldn’t find his personal address. Presumably he lives in some sort of commune or has someone paying his bills for him. If any patriotic Americans in Omaha have seen this guy in their neighborhood, be sure to follow him home.

He frequently posts statements supporting the murder of “Nazis” and “fascists” as he did on the 14th of June on his personal Twitter account @DeadIrishRebel.

He says ICE agents are morally equivalent to Nazis and deserve death on the 17th of June. Within the month he’s posting the personal information of ICE. He’s outright called for political assassinations of ‘fascists’ on his radio shows. Just last month on the May 14th episode of his “The Guillotine” Radio show, he stated:

If a Leftist sees a prominent fascist and says, “this guy needs to be taken out,” you assassinate this person in whatever way (cutting his brakes, shooting him, whatever.) Let’s say there’s a little note left behind that says: “Hey, we’re not standing for fascists, and you’re gonna be a fascist… this could happen to you.” Right? Same with a corporate CEO, something like that. That speaks volumes more than just screaming about how you want to be violent.

Somehow this doesn’t get his Patreon accounts shut off. This guy knows he has a following of thousands across radio and social media that are engaged in crimes against their political opponents, and is inciting them to attack ICE agents. Then he posts a target list of them. And through crowdfunding, he’s profiting off of this terrorist activity.

That’s enough for an indictment, if anyone in the justice department was interested in protecting the integrity of the function of ICE. There was once a paid federal informant Hal Turner that made his living through incitement. He said judges deserve to die and then posted their home addresses. He went a little too far in his job duties there and they put him in prison for it, despite him being a full-time agent provocateur for the FBI, because people threatening judges where they live would impair the function of the judiciary.

Now the fact that none of these antifa types who are doing the same against ICE catch any charges for it should raise eyebrows. The public should be finding out this guy’s name in a criminal complaint, not in an article on The Daily Stormer. One must ask if the corrupt, Judeophilic FBI is more interested in protecting judges who unconstitutionally sabotage the Trump policies Americans voted for more than the people who enforce them. To all those noble men and women putting their lives on the line in ICE and Border Patrol, ask yourself if the FBI– which is on the record first trying to thwart the will of the American people and keep Donald Trump from becoming President, and today is actively trying to come up with a seditious conspiracy to impeach him under false pretense– could possibly be interested in keeping you safe and letting you do your job. You all need to realize that antifa, BLM, and other Communist terror organizations operate with the tacit approval of the FBI’s deep state, and the financial support of the Jewish billionaires that backed the Clinton/Podesta nexus of corruption and child trafficking.

As you watch this man which has called for your murder and harassed your families go unprosecuted, with the only people willing to move against him an underground news site and its readers, ask yourself if there will come a time when Donald Trump will need an army to serve him in purging the government of those which have conspired against the Constitution– the FBI included. Every agent of ICE and Border Patrol need to prepare themselves to heed the call of our President. We can all hear the thunder in the distance. A storm approaches, and we all know whose side the FBI is on. There must be agencies of the government willing to serve as a counterweight to the corruption of the FBI and CIA– we pray that ICE and Border Patrol may be the swords our President needs in the coming cleansing.

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