Stormer, Volume 43: Fatherless Day

Daily Stormer
June 17, 2018

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The Intercept ran a cartoon this week captioned “Happy Father’s Day to U.S. Border Patrol agents.” In it, a little girl is being carried through the front door of an American home, flag proudly displayed. The little girl asks, “Did you take any kids from their mommies and daddies today?” The father replies, “So many, pumpkin! I’ll tell you all about it over dinner.”

Though it was ran by a Jew outlet with a sneer, I couldn’t help but view it with the kind of teary-eyed yearning one feels when watching television or reading magazines from the 1950s. This is an idealized version of the American family. I could only dream of being a part of a family as great as this, and knowing that I have been unjustly denied such a childhood fills me with a rage that only the blood of the kikes responsible and their children can possibly quench.

We live in an era where we were betrayed by our fathers. The generations before us gleefully immersed themselves in self-destructive pursuits. An unbroken chain of white European civilization since the dawn of time was suddenly severed by the malice of its beneficiaries. I was born surrounded by the dissolute and foreign, so much that I was made to feel a stranger in my childhood household, and driven to be a stateless refugee in adulthood. Searching for the reasons that my fathers and their fathers could do such a thing, I found only the lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

A country’s men are supposed to celebrate with joy the punishment of foreign invaders. A father is supposed to celebrate it with his children. Instead our fathers cheered as their own sons and daughters had their birthrights stolen. Portrayals of perfect families are run in mockery by Jewish owned media like Greenwald’s Intercept. Our fathers taught us nothing as we grew. Our fathers leave us nothing as they die. I can say with certainty that my own father is a traitor to his own nation and blood. What kind of land generates men that must make these admissions?

Millennials are the first generation looking at the slope downward. We have no hope for the future. It is generally acknowledged that our lives are to be infinitely more miserable than those that came before. Real wages have declined consistently for decades. There will be no happiness or prosperity for us. We are left with the pieces of the chain that came before, and it is the responsibility of us and those that come after us to reforge the link to the ancient world that our fathers severed. After we hang the wicked from overpasses, hopefully we will commit to be better fathers.

[addendum: Anglin wrote a much better piece on father’s day and boomer parents. You should probably heed its tone over this one.]