Stormer, Volume 41: Killdozering My Dreams

Daily Stormer
June 3, 2018

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Tomorrow is an important anniversary. When I was in my late teens there was a formative event in my life. I saw the kind of damage one white man could do against the machine that wronged him if he only he used the industriousness and ingenuity the gods blessed him with. I could not help but stare in wonder at the Internet sensation that became known as the Killdozer.

Marvin Heemeyer was a good natured man who had just had his livelihood destroyed by the city. City zoning officials put a concrete plant on the path to his automobile repair shop. When he dared to complain they vindictively levied thousands of dollars of fines on him to try to bully him into silence. With his business destroyed, debts from the city fees racking up, and no hope in sight he decided to take drastic measures.

Have you ever seen the classic anime Roujin Z? An elderly man runs amok, entombed within the frame of an immensely destructive robotic exoskeleton.

Killdozer was one of those moments when anime became real. Fourteen years ago tomorrow Marvin lowered a welded frame of composite armor made from steel and concrete upon a bulldozer he was sitting in. He left himself no exit. The only thing he could do afterwards was drive. He went through the streets and over the cars and homes and businesses of the people and city that wronged him. A hail of gunfire and an array of explosives did not phase the Killdozer. The governor was calling in attack helicopters and anti-tank missiles until his tread got stuck in a structure he collapsed. “Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things,” Marvin said.

The echoes of Killdozer persist today. Just last month sludge/doom metal act Dopethrone released a track paying homage to Killdozer, with tortured lyrics describing a man on the cusp of going on a rampage, desperately trying to medicate himself so he doesn’t do anything of the sort.

“Gimme gimme da weed
I don’t want no fucking pills
Wanna be free
From the urge to kill
Killdozerizing my dreams.”

Tomorrow, on Killdozer’s anniversary please remember: if you’re ever feeling like substance abuse is the only thing in the world keeping you from becoming a living machine of destruction, there is help for you. Drug addiction is a despicable demotivator, a plague upon the world, and by the grace of the divine, you can be freed of it and transformed into the best man you can possibly be. Eric Clapton once said, “I used to be into dope, now I’m into racism. It’s much heavier, man.”