Stormer, Volume 40: Actually It’s About Ethics in Gaming Journalism

Daily Stormer
May 27, 2018

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Okay. First order of business, we’ve got a fresh A. Wyatt Mann meme. It doesn’t have anything to do with the content of this essay, but it is timely by the current news cycle and by gods it is a great piece of work.

Lately we’ve been doing a lot more video game journalism. One of our top writers is dedicated to the beat. In reaction to this there’s been a fair number of boomers and those that emulate boomer behavior trying to lecture people in reply, and I want to take a minute to address the concerns of all these people— pretending for the moment that boomers are actually people.

Video games are one of the only forms of mass entertainment that people can make themselves. For the time being, none of us have the budget to shoot movies. Movies in general are capital bonfires and done at a gigantic loss, as the real money is in the distribution routes. In contrast, every single person reading this post could produce a video game start to finish. People who don’t know a single programming language manage to produce smash hit video games. Major hits like Five Nights at Freddy’s and Hotline Miami were made in engines for non-programmers.

So was the smash racist hit Angry Goy, which caused copious amounts of kvetching in the media.

Games journalism was, after Donald Trump, the single biggest catalyst for the mass galvanization of the right wing in Western politics. Trannies, homosexuals, and shitskins are doing everything they can to take over the medium of gaming and poz it up just like they have the talmudvision and print. The difference is that gamers are the only group that have refused to accept the idea that every single game has to have a genderqueer nigger midget. Even apolitical gamers consistently demand characters with depth that make sense, and they view it as lazy when a bad plot falls upon the crutches of social justice pandering.

Gamergate was the biggest mass awakening to Jewish media meddling within our lifetimes. The fact that so many millions of gamers saw, in realtime, a disgustingly rotten fat whore sleeping with game reviewers for good reviews on her free game that anyone could play and see was objectively an absolute unenjoyable trashheap was the biggest quantity of redpills ever distributed. After gamers, as a bloc, began to distrust the media, it was just a matter of letting them know who controlled it.

Every single white man in the millennial demographic or younger plays video games. I play video games. I love them. The first time I laughed out loud at a joke at the expense of the Jews was when I was a child playing Chrono Trigger, which presented the Jews as literal reptile people who were destroyed in a Holocaust as comeuppance for betraying Christ. This came from Squaresoft, a major development studio that produces the Final Fantasy series.

Anti-gamer is code word for anti-white.

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Here’s a bonus fresh A Wyatt Mann. It’s even better than the first.