Stormer, Volume 39: What Makes a Martyr?

Daily Stormer
May 20, 2018

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Someone I knew personally committed suicide. He was run out of his career by antifa after being outed as a Charlottesville attendee by a Jewish journalist. After he died, leftists flooded the memorial pages set up by his family to insult him and attack his family members. I watch as prominent media faces misspell his name on Twitter and declare him a martyr.

This site’s proprietor is Christian and I respect his faith. What I’m about to say here is not meant to start any kind of inter-religious conflict– I’m just explaining my spiritual perspective on an issue.

The concept of Hel among Northern Pagans sounds a lot like the Christian heaven to us. Hel was never described in the old texts as any lake of fire or place of extreme torture. The easiest path there is to live a life of meekness and frivolous compassion. Evil was defined first and foremost as a lack of struggle. The absolute inverse of evil was a commitment to war on behalf of one’s own tribe. Those who died in battle were assured presence in paradises like Valhalla and Fólkvangr.

So I find nothing more shameful and despicable than suicide. It is the ultimate crime against your people. Our lives are not things that belong to us. They belong to an unbroken chain of blood and soil that reaches into prehistory. You are not allowed to throw away your life or your nation. These things are not yours to give. They belong to the thousands of generations before you that struggled to ensure you could have them, and you have an obligation to either make them greater than that which came before or, if that is not possible, leverage them to bring ruin to your enemies.

You’re not allowed to go alone. You go in peace with your own people having successfully secured their existence and a future for their children, or with your enemies, having made them pay the price of compromising that existence and future.

Martyrs do not commit suicide. They are murdered, or die in mortal struggle with their enemies. Raud the Strong was a martyr. Jarl Haakon Sigurdsson was a martyr. Jesus Christ was a martyr. Someone who kills themselves willfully without threat of immediate death hovering over them does not achieve martyrdom. Martyrs do not end their lives because things become hard. Our friend is dead and I will struggle to end the forces in the world that caused his despair, but I will not speak his name. He was not a martyr, for those who do not wish to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.

There is, however, a name in this tale I will utter. That of the filthy, stinking Jew that harassed our friend until he killed himself:

Jacob Rosenberg
4118 B St
Little Rock AR 72205-4050