Stormer, Volume 38: #LifeGoals

Daily Stormer
May 13, 2018

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It’s been a great week for the Stormers. Last week we noted that a Montreal man was revealed in the media as allegedly being the mysterious Daily Stormer author known as Zeiger. A tidal wave of coverage resulted on the subject, with Zeiger being mentioned alongside Daily Stormer in outlets as diverse as CBC, NPR, and Rolling Stone. Posters of him went up all over his city. Cat ladies and antifa were out in force. Politicians were issuing condemnations.

Now this week hundreds of people marched down his street to cry about being offended by nigger jokes on the Internet.

CTV Montreal:

Hundreds of people marched against racism and fascism in Rosemont on Saturday, with the demonstration ended at an address allegedly belonging to a prominent neo-Nazi recruiter.
Earlier this month, a Montreal Gazette investigation revealed that a man who goes by the online name Zeiger is a Montreal resident. Leaked messages from a private, encrypted chat room showed Zeiger trying to set up a series of in-person meetings in Montreal bars and apartments.”

This is the new top tier of troll results, folks. If you haven’t posted so hard that hundreds of people march upon your address in blind butthurt rage, you haven’t really posted. Zeiger must be laughing from Trollhalla right now. Making butthurt this big is a legendary act. I am feeling woefully inadequate now that both Zeiger and Anglin have had street demonstrations personally held in protest of them. I’ve never once managed to get an angry mob of people outside my house. Well, other than the cops lol.

You haven’t made it as an Internet troll until there’s hundreds of angry cat ladies, washed up hippies, and soy boys in the street crying about the things you’ve written about on the Internet.

Jew podcaster claims “neighbors”, but looks like antifa degenerates to me. 

As you go on about your day to day posting, bullying childless single women and Jewish dilettantes on social media platforms, I suggest you ask yourself what you can do to live up to this new standard of excellence. May more of us post so hard that we meet this new bar of greatness. This is the current summa cum laude of the Troll Academy. Only the most epic racist posters will achieve a mark of distinction this great. Lieutenants of the Stormer Troll Army, can you make the grade? Only one way to find out: post as hard as you possibly can.

If you want to assist in Zeiger’s relocation expenses: 3A2FtgMhsPUp87KyhZFuGEYCkEQB8mfQdN

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