Stormer, Volume 37: In a Wild Storm of Shuttenings, Man Overboard

Daily Stormer 
May 6, 2018

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I’ve never seen such a great wanted poster. Antifa has covered Montreal with fliers condemning what appears to be Daily Stormer’s very own Zeiger. They look really good, as if they’re trying their hardest to make Nazis look cool and hip. Major area politicians have condemned him. The ADL is working with Montreal’s hate crimes unit to “crack this case”. There are people harassing his family. Given that there are virtually no hate crimes in Montreal, Zeiger has an entire division of the police now dedicated solely towards destroying his life. There are calls from nonprofits for his prosecution, which may ensue soon. They’re mentioning Zeiger even in the US, on large and nationally syndicated outlets like NPR and Rolling Stone. Zeiger’s martyrdom has given our cause wall to wall media coverage in Montreal right now, and all of it makes us look good.

A lot has gone on this week in terms of Internet censorship. GoDaddy seized and shows no signs of giving it back to its rightful owners, a disturbing creep in the Jewish campaign of DNS-level censorship. If it will happen to, a site with a fraction of Stormer’s traffic, it will happen to everyone. More and more people will lose their domains in the dead of night and nobody will know where they went. Set up hidden services on Tor or I2P now, and get your readers acquainted with them, or when they come for your domains you might lose your whole audience. Each time a domain seizure happens it will be a progressively smaller story, until it is so commonplace that it doesn’t make headlines at all, so you need to mitigate this in advance.

Sci-Hub had its SSL certificates revoked by Comodo— which combined on the blanket court order against all domain registrars on the Internet makes it finally surpass Daily Stormer as the most censored website in the world. Though Sci-Hub is not a publication, it is just a way to pirate scientific articles. Comments on Hacker News are pretty woke:

This is a much bigger deal than people are giving it credit for.
At any point in history, have CAs revoked certs solely to censor a target website?

Maybe the answer is yes. I don’t know. But this is a rude wake-up call for me and everyone else who tried to force the world into this shape.

We’ve all been shouting “You have to use TLS! It’s fundamental security 101. If you’re not using https, your site is probably broken. And there’s no reason not to do it, since it’s so easy.”

Surprise: Now nobdoy trusts http, and those that control https can revoke their trust based on arbitrary human morals rather than solid technical reasons.

I was a pentester for years and not once did anybody mention this threat anywhere. It’s blindingly obvious in hindsight, but it was too easy not to think about it.

Tech industry people seem to understand the dangers of SSL certificate revocation being a new layer of censorship at a time when every single layer of censorship is being applied. All they need to do is know which people are actually responsible for the entirety of Internet censorship, and they’ll be with us. This weekly introduction essay is usually where I talk about developments on the front lines of Internet censorship like these.

But instead of these monumental developments weighing on my mind, it’s the fact that our guy has been run out of his home and job. There’s people hunting for him in the streets. He is being run through the ringer for posts on an Internet comedy website. What kind of a sick world persecutes people for jokes on the Internet? There are people who want to do violence to him for allegedly posting on a site with a disclaimer against violence on every single page. These people are violent, subhuman animals. The left is the source of nearly all political violence. Something must be done to defend the innocent moral dissidents against these criminal terrorists.

Zeiger was a brave and noble warrior, both online and off. This is a huge blow to a man who did so much for our struggle for many years. He selflessly gave many thousands of hours of effort to the struggle for years on end. Few have worked as hard and as long as he did, for the divine mandate of the lulz. Now finally the system has come to grind him into dust.

If you want to show your appreciation and help him relocate to rural Quebec, send the guy a few shekels. Zeiger’s Bitcoin: 3A2FtgMhsPUp87KyhZFuGEYCkEQB8mfQdN

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