Stormer, Volume 36: Making DR3 Real

Daily Stormer
April 29, 2018

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A lot of people are dismissing what went on this week with Kanye, but the value of it can’t be underestimated. The coalition of the left is extremely fragile. Every single faction within it has reasons to hate the others. If you take away the shared hatred of white men, then all they will have left is a long list of reasons to slaughter one another. Gays and Moslems, for example, will naturally hate one another, but there are far more effective lines and useful lines to be drawn. For example, those of race.

I was recently linked to a phenomenon of Bernie Bros posting up racially charged fliers in various locations around the country. A flier posted at Temple University months ago stated “hey you stupid niggers, Bernie would have won if it wasn’t for you. Seriously, fuck you all, this is all your fault.”

This references the fact that Bernie Sanders consistently beat Trump in the polls, but did not manage to beat Hillary in the Democratic primaries because of the fanatical devotion of black voters towards the Clinton brand. Because they know Bill Clinton gave them the maximum possible amount of gibs, and a chance at more Clinton-tier gibs was worth risking a total electoral disaster by betting on the most corrupt and unlikeable candidate in the history of American politics. Berners were left exasperated and bitter as a result, and those who didn’t end up voting for Trump probably don’t have warm feelings about niggers.

Similar fliers went up at other locations. It went absolutely unnoticed by the alt-right, being mentioned nowhere on any of our podcasts or blogs. This is the kind of thing we should have been doing all along, but it fell to Bernie bros to show us the way.

It hasn’t been too long since “segregation now, segregation forever” George Wallace was running as a Democrat. It was within many of our lifetimes, 1987, when he was still a sitting governor. There’s a lot more Wallace Democrats out there than we think, and we should do everything we can right now to encourage the formation of a racist wing of the Democratic party and the division of the Jewish left’s coalition of minorities along racial and ideological lines. Every blue collar Democrat is a potential race warrior.

Let’s make DR3 real. You know that we can do it if we try.