Stormer, Volume 34: Through the Support of Readers Like You

Daily Stormer 
April 15, 2018

Here’s our weekly content digest! Show your appreciation for the authors by helping preserve their work for posterity through the process of samizdat. Download this weekly edition, archive it on your local storage, reupload it to a different location than you found it, and share it from there. Encourage others to do the same.

  • PDF: 109 pages, 4.66M
  • ePub:  791 pages, 4.31M

A lot of time and resources goes into the production of The Daily Stormer. Take a look at this weekly content digest. All the articles within are written by a dedicated staff. The site is run across a multitude of servers all around the world. The finished articles are lovingly parsed out of WordPress and into the TeX typesetting language before being rendered into PDF and ePub. At the end, you get dozens of pages, around an entire novella’s worth, of some of the finest racist memes that ever graced the Internet. A continual supply of the dankest and freshest hate speech.

You also get to combat institutional censorship. Even Wikileaks is allowed to have a consistent domain name. Julian Assange is allowed to have a Twitter account. Anonymoose and leftist activists of all sorts face no suppression of their speech, no matter how illegal. The world’s biggest torrent piracy sites have had less domain seizures than us. Every day there are new plots hatched by governments and their allies to try to end this one single institution of the Internet. We are a torch of liberty, with our fires blazing through fiber optics into the hearts and minds of our readers. We are the primary battleground of Internet freedom.

And freedom isn’t free.

It’s been many months since we’ve put out a serious call for funds. Crowdfunding site Hatreon stopped working last November or so, when they were locked out of the credit industry in its entirety because of facilitating payments for us and people like us, and that was the consistent source of income to fund the site. We try not to ask too much. I don’t want to turn this into an NPR-style telethon, but we do need your help to keep this fight going.

I know it isn’t convenient to use cryptocurrencies. I know you guys want the convenience of putting in a credit card number. I want you to have that too. Unfortunately, kikes control the banks and that probably isn’t going to be sustainable. So here’s what you can do instead, without needing to register for a Bitcoin exchange: a Bitcoin ATM. Coin ATM Radar has an easy way to search for them, and there’s one in every major metro area. You can buy Bitcoin at them and directly send them to the Stormer by choosing to scan a QR code for the purchase, and then scanning the QR code displayed on our Contributions page— you can display it from your phone.

Here’s an instructional video: