Stormer, Volume 33: #IStandWithRicky

Daily Stormer
April 8, 2018

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Reaching this point is catharsis.

I worked extensively with Ricky Vaughn and tons of the My Posting Career crowd during the 2016 primaries. Ricky earned his stripes for his legendary work there, blending in realtalk about Jews and all other kinds of foreigners in with mainstream GOP rhetoric to display and normalize it in the eyes of millions.

He reached the Trump family. He was followed by major political and media figures. He had captivated the attention of the white collar people. Ricky was extremely useful, and understood how to get things done at scale.

When he went to tell a bunch of fat disgusting goons in plastic stahlhelms to please act like reasonable human beings in public, they crucified him for it. He was one of the most read shitlords in our lifetimes, and these people still destroyed his life over it. Because allegedly they were going to start a National Socialist regime like Hitler through street fights, to inspire unemployed people in Appalachia to join them, or something.

“In early 1933, just before Hitler’s appointment to the chancellorship, the party showed an under-representation of “workers”, who made up 29.7% of the membership but 46.3% of German society. Conversely, white-collar employees (18.6% of members and 12% of Germans), the self-employed (19.8% of members and 9.6% of Germans) and civil servants (15.2% of members and 4.8% of the German population) had joined in proportions greater than their share of the general population.”

Workers were not instrumental in the success of Adolf Hitler, or virtually any revolution ever. Not even the Communist ones. The 1917 Revolution was a military coup, with the Bolsheviks using their influence in the Petrograd Soviet to convince the military to overthrow the government for them. Most revolutions are done by getting your guys voted into power, as Hitler did when he shifted the entirety of the German parliamentary body his way so they could appoint him Chancellor and pass the Enabling Act to remove the limits of that position’s power. Workers were underrepresented in the membership of the NSDAP, being far more interested in Communism, and its successes were done without them. The key to winning revolutions is people like Ricky.

Regardless, these stahlhelm types are not workers. They are fetishists. They never read any history. They had no idea what went on in Germany in 1933, or how any revolution ever worked. What’s worse– they don’t care. They only care about making public spectacles of themselves. To be a viable movement, we have to have clear distance from these degenerates. It’s a shame that distance had to come at the cost of Ricky’s future.

Ricky Vaughn has a support fund if you want to help him rebuild his life after it was destroyed by criminal traitors to the movement.