Stormer, Volume 32: Why Southrons Must Support the Jews

Daily Stormer
April 1, 2018

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Unlike my colleagues at the Stormer, I find myself unable to swallow the pill of civic nationalism. I do join them in the denouncement of white nationalist racism within the Americas as an antiquated concept whose time has long passed, but I find myself still opposed to Americanism as a force of oppression upon my people, the Southrons. Compelled by the brilliant public marches lead by Matt Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party in cooperation with the potent rhetoric of his co-marchers like Hunter Wallace, I have found myself unable to ignore the call of Southern Nationalism.

Indeed, as the Civil War was primarily fought at the behest of abolitionists, one must acknowledge that the most potent resistance to Northern aggression came from the Southern slavery industry. Who ran the slavery industry? At every level, Jews were there. The slave markets, like nearly all markets across the world, were operated by Jewry— this is due to their higher IQs, not because of any shadowy agreement on the part of Jews to control all means of commerce you despicable bigots. The ancillary industries of slavery, such as the shoes and clothing that were provided for slaves to wear, were ran by Jews. According to tenured professor Tony Martin, the world’s most foremost scholar on slavery, “based on the 1830 census, Jews actually had a higher per capita slave ownership than for the white population as a whole.”

Jews sold the slaves, Jews sold the things slaves wore, Jews owned the most slaves, and the Confederacy’s leading cabinet member, Judah P. Benjamin, was Jewish. Access to Jewish capital was critical for the defense against the North.

Now, slavery was an amoral institution and I’m glad it was ended, but I also have to praise the Jewish slavers in the South for breeding us so many BASED black Trump supporters. Indeed, if the South had won the war, we’d probably have a much richer and more diverse society as they’d have bred and imported a lot more of them for the cheap labor. Despite the unforgivable evils of slavery, the aggression of the Union against my people was worth fighting against, and I praise the Jewish industries that made a civil war where upwards of a million brave souls placed their lives on the altar of ideas possible.

The next time you fly the battle flag or the stars and bars, know that the South wouldn’t have been able to put up an armed struggle without those wonderful Jews making it all possible.