Stormer, Volume 31: Glorious Return of EL DAILY STORMER, Our Spanish Edition

Daily Stormer
March 25, 2018

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One of the great tragedies in the shuttening was the loss of the staff of our Spanish edition, El Daily Stormer. Though it was only upwards of 4% of all Daily Stormer traffic, that made it on its own one of the top ten sites in the alt-right. It resulted in several Spanish lawsuits, mostly leveled by sodomite activists, and my favorite moment was when it got a Spanish state and Soros-funded pedophile and bestiality enthusiast kicked off of her six figure TV host job. It struck like a bolt of lightning.

Right before the shuttening we lost the most prolific author and head editor, and after the shuttening we lost contact with writing staff and userbase. While we had staff members carefully explaining to our English audience how to access the site via Tor, we had no such guidance Spanish readers. We had a lot we were trying to manage, and it was regrettable that the Spanish version took a backseat.

This week it is official: El Daily Stormer is back!

We have new Spanish editors and are going to focus resources back into developing a Spanish publication fulltime. Spanish is the most natively spoken European language in the world. That’s a lot of potential trouble to make for kikes, which is why El Daily Stormer was hitting so hard! Spaniards had never seen anything like it: all the fire and the fury of Internet shitposting culture being leveled upon its despicable modern liberals by a glorious crew of Internet troublemakers!

Just as Spain and Latin America can learn the whole truth about Jews, woman, and homosexuals from us, we can learn a thing or two about fascism from the Spaniards.

Francisco Franco revitalized his country’s culture and economy, making the immediate jump from a languishing disappointment to first-world industrialized powerhouse. He did this without getting entangled in any ruinous international conflicts, or selling his nation’s surpluses down the river to foreign manipulators. He brutally purged hundreds of thousands of commies. Franco was the biggest success story in modern authoritarianism, dying of old age, beloved by his people, buried in his own mountain side mausoleum carved into solid rock with the tears and sweat of his captives. El Caudillo exercised the greatest degree of wisdom, which is the primary quality we should seek in our leaders.

Soon: back to creating more alternative language editions of The Daily Stormer. We will put vicious Jew hatred and insults towards the mud races in the native tongue of every people on earth, mark my words.