Stormer, Volume 30: Advance of the Luftwaffle

Daily Stormer
March 18, 2018

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I do not like to countersignal the policies put forth by the site publisher’s Andrew Anglin too often, but this week he triggered me by saying that IHOP was not a bad call on a cheat day. The fist word in IHOP is International– just like the Jew. Belgian waffles, French toast, and crepes. Can you expect any self-respecting white man with a reasonable testosterone count ordering a “Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity?” Seriously dudes, that’s the gayest of all possible breakfasts. Compare that to the menu of Waffle House. Papa Joe’s pork chops, grits, biscuits and gravy. The only cheese they have on offer is American and the toast is from Texas. That’s a white man’s meal if there ever was one.

Waffle House has its own soundtrack– hundreds of original works of Americana music.

In contrast to this, IHOP has a massive supply of bad memes involving blacks.

IHOP is where tasteless cucks go to eat piles of sugar to accelerate the onset of diabetes after their megachurch pastor convinces them to adopt a Somali and send money to the chosen people in Israel. It is the most popular breakfast establishment amongst niggers. Waffle House is where you eat a plate full of meat and potatoes and pick up a waitress after her shift and make her smothered, covered, and topped just like your hash browns.

RaHoWaHo: Racial Holy Waffle House. I’ll fight over this any day.

In a disaster zone, FEMA agents use the Waffle House Index as a rule of thumb for the severity of the damage. Waffle House has better disaster preparedness than other chains and a limited menu that it deploy in case of low food supplies or lessened availability of electricity. If the Waffle House is closed, the area is in bad shape. Nobody will ever use IHOP as a metric for civilization’s functionality.

I hates the nasty IHOP
and everything it serves
how it makes the bugmen and women
balloon in fatty curves

I hates the fetid pancake
Tis dripping with syrup 
The women who do eat it
Must be mounted by stirrup

One thousand six hundred IHOP
Were built on Yankee dust
We built two thousand Waffle Houses
So they could not poison us

Hoppers died of diabeetus
Of heart disease and glands
Wrapping muh Constitution in carpets
with daughters groped by negro hands

I won’t eat that griddle cake
Gimme hash browns chunked with ham
enriched flour, enriched neighborhoods
are for the Yankee damned.