Stormer, Volume 28: What to Do With Emotional LARPers

Daily Stormer 
March 4, 2018

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A few readers have been confused and emotional about the demands for aesthetic standards as of late, so I need you all to understand just what is at stake here.

Do you know what the biggest pogrom in our lifetime was? The Cronulla riots. I want you to search Google images for “Cronulla riots” right now and scroll through the images. No LARPers, no weird obese people. These are normal people. Lots of Australian flags.

After a lifeguard was beaten by some arab “youths”, Australian men decided things could no longer be left as they were. Lifeguards are sacred to beach culture because they are stalwart, physically fit volunteers that make it all possible by preventing people from dying. Of course, the arabs had no respect for this because they don’t swim. They were just there to make it disgustingly clear that they thought of white Australian women as their sexual property. They were soon taught otherwise. It started with a few chads texting each other “hey mate let’s go bash some leb cunts at the beach this weekend, tell all your mates.”

When 5000 Aussies showed up, they chanted, “love nulla, fuck allah” the whole way, beat the living hell out of every foreigner they saw on the beach, and spent the rest of the day raucously partying after reclaiming it.

Arabs stopped making trouble on their beaches afterwards.

How many people do you think would have showed up if it was organized by a bunch of obese costumed LARPers shrieking about the struggles of the proletariat? This was appealing and viable because it was a group of normal people that wanted to defend their country, and more explicitly, their local beach where they wanted to enjoy their women.

Years later, one of the guys that busted a beer bottle over some haji’s head told the media that he’s not ashamed. “There was no respect. They had a chip on their shoulder and they needed to be brought back down to reality,” he said. “I don’t want to say I wish it didn’t happen because it needed to happen.”

Something much bigger than this can be our future, if we let it.

I don’t know about you all, but I want the people that took my country away from me taught a lesson they’ll never forget. I can only get that if this is something that normal people are involved in. If you make it something that a bunch of costumed freaks are involved in, all you’ll get is fat goons enacting their costumed cowboy and Indian fantasy games with antifa.

This is not the crowd that we should allow to define us or our movement. This is pure cringe, and these people should be ridiculed. People who dress up in funny outfits in the public square are fetishists. They are no different than furries. They think that having dress up playtime is more important than us getting an uprising of white men retaking their lands.

People that think their fetishes are more important than winning are just another class of adversary. If you see someone playing out their costume fetish, call him a goddamned queer and bully him until he ceases his aberrant behavior. If you know guys that hang around with costumed freakshows, ask them why they are hanging around those goddamned queers. I am sick of seeing these people being coddled. If you want to troll on the Internet with memes, great, but if you want to engage in action offline, look like a working class American or a professional, not some Marxist or street thug.

JIDF shills would have you believe this position is “cucking” from the site’s previous policies. Nothing could be further from the case. Anglin wrote this in 2015:

He wrote this in 2016:

He never said anything other than “I do not know any costumed weirdos, I do not think they are helpful, and I would be very weary of them.” Well, in 2017 a bunch of people decided to make a big thing to shuck and jive with costumed freak shows for the media, and as per the longstanding policy of this site, we think they are unhelpful and are very weary of them. These people don’t want to win. They hate winning. They want to play a dress up game.

The very roots of the site are in American nationalism. Here’s a sample of some of this site’s earliest publications from 2013.

Saying stuff like “neo-Nazi white supremacist” is about making a mockery of what the kike media presents about anything that would be accepted as common sense to any of our great grandfathers. Hitler was explicitly doing the things that worked with the populace, not promoting weird foreign ideologies and symbols. Dressing in public in weird outfits today would be like Hitler having dressed his troops up in Confederate uniforms. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t accomplish any goals.

It is quite clear that if your street movement appeals to normal people, you can get a mass movement very quickly. Cronulla happened in a week. If you appeal to weirdos, you’ll only have a few costumed freaks, and all this stuff is gonna end. I’m not gonna let this end, and neither are you. We hail victory.