Stormer, Volume 17: Pai in the Face

Daily Stormer
December 17, 2017

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It really is a new era in governance. This past week the salt on display across forums and Reddit at Ajit Pai has been a continually joyous chorus of shitlib temper tantrums. He plays them like a fiddle, responding to their mean tweets with bantz and drinking from a comically oversized Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups mug. It has been absolutely glorious to watch. I went to all the stores here that carry American goods, but I couldn’t find any Reese’s. It sounds so delicious right now, it is a weight upon my soul to not be able to taste them again enhanced with the added flavor of salty liberal tears.

Trump’s appointees take on facets of his personality. Trump has not just been a force unto himself. Those around him are becoming animated in a way we haven’t seen in federal politicians within our lifetime. Trump has breathed life into government as a whole, to counter the rot and decay that we’ve seen out of Washington our entire lives. Who would have thought that an FCC Chairman would ever have had a sense of humor this good? You’ve got to wonder if he ever shitposts on 4chan.

I think we’re going to see a lot more greatness out of the Trump administration. I know many of you are dissatisfied with the current progress, but you have to admit that just the sheer scale of lulz from the wailing and gnashing of teeth on display by degenerates makes Donald J. Trump the greatest President of our lifetimes. Even if he falls short of his goals he’ll be better than anything that we’ve seen since Andrew Jackson. However, one must remember that it is a common feature amongst fascist leaders to rule under the pretense of Democracy. Mussolini acted constitutionally from 1922 until 1925, when he finally revealed that another election would be entirely unnecessary. Vargas did similarly, ruling lawfully from 1930 until 1937 until he was like “yeah I’m dictator now.”

There’s plenty of time for Trump to break bad, cast off all the shackles of rule of law, and rise as an Emperor to put down all those that oppose the advancement of the white race. In the meantime he’s definitely been the best thing that’s happened within my lifetime. I’m going to sit back, sip from a big mug, and enjoy the lulz. Forsake the blackpill, get yourself a groyper avatar, and know that the future ahead of us is glorious. Making America Great Again is something we are going to do, and we’re going to get there by furiously shitposting and making the lives of nonwhites, faggots, and trannies absolutely miserable. All we have to do is keep in mind how we got here: drinking tea and posting factual information in a friendly manner.

I’ve got my hatefacts, a cool rare groyper, a steaming cup of genmaicha, and I’m posting as hard as I possibly can. I’m ready for this racewar, fam.