Stormer, Volume 16: Mara’s Embrace

Daily Stormer
December 10, 2017

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The coming of winter is something deeply intertwined with the European consciousness. We are the people who dared to travel to frozen wastes and build vast cities within them while lesser races were content to languish in warmer climes. It strikes deep at the heart of what it is to be white. The onset of Yuletide is a time of year filled with ancient magic. Though it is labeled the Christmas season, Christ was likely born around February. This is the most pagan of holidays, and all children still beg before an icon of Wotan we now call Santa.

When the first snowfall came to my village this year I ran through the cobblestone roads laughing, grateful for the familiar embrace of she who Eastern Slavs might call Mara and the Western Slavs might call Marzanna, the goddess of the winter. Truly, her touch is more honest and heartening than that of any despicable harlot. She is my true love, my bride for the season. And in true WHITE SHARIA fashion, I will drown her when I am done with her. The tradition among Slavic pagans is to make an effigy of her and throw her in the river when the ice begins to break up.

Along the way to the Christmas markets across Deutschland now are large trucks. They just park them in the road as obstacles, so nobody can use the roads anymore. The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a truck of peace is a good guy with a truck of peace. Roads were useful infrastructure once I guess, before the invaders flooded our ancestral homelands.

/pol/ came up with a scheme of meme magic to solve this problem for Europe a couple years ago, to have everyone pray to a “Winter-chan” for a legendarily brutal winter. They unfortunately used images of Skaði, a Norse winter goddess likely prayed to in generations past for intercession and the easing of winter. A very moderate winter did they receive through Europe. One would think you would pray to a properly cruel winter God.

When the sun begins to wane
thou emergest lord of this frozen, frigid fane.
Though thy harsh ways of shorter days
are the bane of many Nord, Saxon, and Dane
One would be a fool to deny thy supremacy round Yule

That’s part of an invocation I wrote to a deity known as Wulthuz to the Germans and Ullr to the Norse, known for his exceptionally cold hearted and silent nature. We got hard snows at the after I recited it from within a federal prison. It brought levity to my heart to wade through massive drifts on the prison yard. Marzanna, too, is considered quite a cruel goddess. “в объятиях мары” meaning “in the arms of Mara” is a phrase used to describe dying of exposure. Far more appropriate figures to pray before if one would see a continent enveloped in ice.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.