Stormer, Volume 15: Red, The Color of the Blood They Spill

Daily Stormer
December 3, 2017

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They had that filthy spic dead to rights. They had him at the pier. They had him firing a gun. They had a body of a dead white girl with the bullet in her back. He murdered her in cold blood, just because she was beautiful and white and the kind of perfect woman that respects and appreciates her father and spends tons of time with him. She died in his arms. This wicked invader specifically sought out the highest quality white woman he could to slaughter in cold blood. Kate was gorgeous and had a strong connection to her family and was the kind of cornerstone of the community we can only hope is our wife, daughter, sister, or neighbor. They let her killer walk.

Do you know what this was? This was jury nullification. That jury let this evil murderer go because the victim was white. This is their celebration of white genocide. They got an opportunity to let a killer beaner go free, and they gladly took it. This was a bunch of kikes in California gleefully announcing to the world that it is no longer a crime to murder your women. That they killed Kate in cold blood, and the next thing you know they’ll be coming for your daughters.

I wish I could say that when my children read about Kate they would read about how we brutally tortured and executed her killer in the square, and placed the dismembered pieces of his body on pikes so that those attempting to travel from Mexico could see what we do to their kind that misbehave. When one day my kid asks me, “hey dad, what did you do when they murdered Kate and let her killer go free” I feel like “well son, I published blog posts on the Internet” is a totally insufficient answer but it’s the only one I’ll be able to give.

She had dreams too, you disgusting brown scum. You stole them. You will be made to pay for what you stole.

If they can’t steal your women by turning them into mindless whores through television, music, and public education, they’ll just send some monstrous Aztec to execute them in a ritual sacrifice. Then they’ll have a bunch of their own vote “not guilty” and smile as the guy walks free. This is where we’re at.

Daily Stormer is red now. It’s not just how we vote– it’s the color of our blood, shed every day on the altar of diversity.

We must avenge the fallen. We must collect the blood debt from these criminal kikes.