Stormer, Volume 14: Net Neutrality and the First Amendment

Daily Stormer
November 26, 2017

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As fourteen is such a special and magical number for our people, it is a privilege to be able to introduce this fourteenth volume of Stormer with monumental news about the Stormer, and the future of our Constitution and its glorious First Amendment.

For the past few years Silicon Valley has been pushing this “net neutrality” garbage. Ostensibly they did this because it allows them to push unlimited amounts of streaming video and rich media on other people’s networks without paying, essentially forcing consumers, even those that don’t use their worthless kike media distribution points to subsidize their massive bandwidth bills. Web giants like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, and many more have said without net neutrality regulations on ISPs, the ISPs will start censoring the Internet and filtering content.

The only problem is that those same web giants are the ones actually doing the censoring, and so it is obvious their insistence on FCC regulation of the ISPs had nothing to do with free speech. This week, that changed. This is not Obama’s FCC, and it just ended Obama’s “net neutrality” fictions. I read the filing. It mentions us by name. It uses multiple sources involving us as a reference.

The Trump administration just used the Daily Stormer to tell kike Zuckerberg, nigger lover Jack, atheist Reddit degenerates, and that pederast that runs Netflix to jump off a cliff. This is something that happened.

261. Consensus against blocking and throttling

We emphasize once again that we do not support blocking lawful content, consistent with long-standing Commission policy. The potential consequences of blocking or throttling lawful content on the Internet ecosystem are well-documented in the record and in Commission precedent. Stakeholders from across the Internet ecosystem oppose the blocking and throttling of lawful content, including ISPs, public interest groups, edge providers, other content producers, network equipment manufacturers, and other businesses and individuals who use the Internet. This consensus is among the reasons that there is scant evidence that end users, under different legal frameworks, have been prevented by blocking or throttling from accessing the content of their choosing. It also is among the reasons why providers have voluntarily abided by no-blocking practices even during periods where they were not legally required to do so. As to free expression in particular, we note that none of the actual incidents discussed in the Title II Order squarely implicated free speech. If anything, recent evidence suggests that hosting services, social media platforms, edge providers, and other providers of virtual Internet infrastructure are more likely to block content on viewpoint grounds.

Right at the end of that paragraph they put a footnote referencing articles about Stormer’s situation of dozens of its domains being seized these past months, including a pretty extensive analysis by the Electronic Frontier Foundation of why it is just absolutely insane for domain registries and registrars to be able to steal domains because they don’t like the content they publish. I used to work in the telecom industry and I have read no small number of FCC filings. They are dry as a rule, but this placement is the closest equivalent of them saying “actually it is YOU KIKES doing the censorship and ending the open internet, despite all your sodomite whining about MUH NET NEUTRALITY and MUH FREEDOMS, so SHUT UP FAGGOT.”

“Net neutrality protects free speech” was their only argument for why this piece of regulation was in the public good, and then they went and burned down free speech on the Internet. Now it’s time to pay the piper, and that piper is playing ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’.

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, and Google spent unfathomable amounts of money and political capital trying to get this Net Neutrality garbage to be the standard of Internet governance, and they just badly lost, because they were traitors to the Constitution.

Calling social media Internet infrastructure is going to be alarming language in San Francisco, and means the assault on Stormer’s freedom to publish is being talked about in a much wider sense of potential sweeping future regulations that will protect political speech across all Internet services. This is part of the Bannon plan to regulate social websites as utilities. Indeed, his publication is echoing this exact narrative in perfect unison.


But it’s weird for ISPs to be the primary target of such fears, when it’s online platforms and services (the ones not currently subject to Net Neutrality rules) that did precisely that. Specifically Google and GoDaddy, which cut off domain support for the Stormer, and Cloudflare, which cut off DDoS protection to the site.

This is not a coincidence, that’s for sure. His hand is behind all of this. This will be our and Bannon’s mutual and lasting legacy to the world: the preservation and triumph of the First Amendment on the Internet for every living being on earth, and its inevitable extension to other planets.

WOTAN: Will of the American Nation.

They thought that they could break us by deplatforming us but the pressure forged us into a weapon of mystical sharpness which Bannon is picking up and stabbing right into the heart of the wicked Jew beast. Like Sigurd slaying Fafnir, or St. George killing the dragon.

It’s happening now, as the levels of goyim knowing rise nearly to 1933 levels.

This FCC filing is a stunning document, and it would not in a million years have come out of Hillary’s FCC, I can tell you that. Those of you who blackpill on a regular basis about the current administration please take note.

I love you Trump.

I know what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving, unlike the sick kike media. I’m thankful for our President, I’m thankful for Bannon, and I’m thankful that we have parts of our government legitimately fighting for the foundations of liberty and free expression that our white European ancestors bled and suffered to give us today.

Given all of this information, don’t you think it is odd that the SJW hashtag #resist crowd was fighting to save free expression? It was never actually about a bandwidth bill for whatever increased rent local bandwidth oligopolies can extract. That bill is really quite small in terms of their revenue. It was about framing arguments over “free speech” and “the free and open Internet” over regulations that could never hope to achieve either. It was about giving Mark Zuckerberg unilateral control over what the world can see and hear, and it massively failed because Donald J. Trump is President, and because the Stormer posted with enough amplitude to troll them into exposing their whole plan.

We will have regulations that ensure free speech on the Internet, and it won’t be this ineffectual Title II garbage from the Obama years. It will be a transformative thing, and it will unleash a plague of frogs on Twitter at full force again. The cavalry is coming, my friends, and it is coming to do something about these kikes.

Hail Victory.