Stormer Sunday Edition, Volume 4

Daily Stormer
September 17, 2017

It’s been a hell of a depressing week. This DACA stuff is enough to put a weight on anyone’s shoulders. Unless this is the biggest fake out of all time, and I don’t think it is, this is the end of the road for the Trumpenkrieg. I think we all loved Trump through the campaign trail and are going to remember that part of our lives very fondly in the future. Trump, as he is now, is dead to us. I think that we should understand this and feel sad a little bit, but we should not forget those moments where he gave us hope for the future of our nation.

Recommended listening for a time like this is Siegfried’s funeral march from Wagner’s Götterdämmerung. In the opera, Siegfried is stabbed in the back by Hagen as plot of a plot devised wickedly by state authorities which is perfectly representative of the end of the Trump presidency which is now subverted by the neocon advisers he surrounded himself with, and also in turn Trump’s betrayal of the America First platform which he promised to us. The beginning of the funeral march is solemn and mournful, just like our feelings for Trump now, but leads into triumphant tones as we reminisce about the great things Siegfried accomplished. So too, we should hold the former moments of the Trump campaign fondly.

Trump promised us no amnesty, and we’re going to get it one way or another. Those fucking beaners are getting the hell out of my country. Are you with us? Are you ready? We the people must become the state authorities, whether or not the deep state wants us to be or not.

So last week you learned about samizdat. Remember, as you read this, download it, catalogue it for future storage, and reupload it to a new place. Never share the link you got. Share a new link that you make. This stuff is only going to last if you all become archivists and redistributors.

This weekly publication, however, is not the only thing you should be samizdating. You have to do a lot more. Videos and podcasts you enjoy– download them, save to local storage, reupload. The Daily Stormer is the first thing to have received the full degree of deep state censorship, but once they start they do not stop. Everything you hold dear– every meme, every video, every song will be taken down by the authorities. If we don’t save it and reshare, it will all be gone. You don’t know how valuable this is in times like these to perserve our art for future generations. I have been through a lot more periods of Internet than most of you. I was doing racist memes before /pol/, before even Encyclopedia Dramatica. A lot of stuff just gets lost forever over the years. These valuable pieces of our lives can go away if we don’t keep the candle of data lit. We worked hard on this stuff, so let’s not lose it.

IPFS. Freenet. Soulseek. Your network attached storage. Filesharing sites of all sorts. If we don’t get everything across all the channels it will be gone.

Here’s this week’s releases:

Hail victory.