IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Stormer Cyberpunk Stream on December 9, 7 PM EST

Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out at 7 PM on Wednesday, December 9, and we will have a livestream of the game here at the Daily Stormer, hosted by none other than the illustrious Leo Fong.

Leo says that he is “pervading the mechanism” and is readying himself to “compromise a massive depot.”

He also said that he wants his playthrough to embody “dark biological importance,” and that he will be playing as a “moonless malformed simian brute.”

I believe that means his character in the game will be a Black Lives Matter activist. Witnessing an extreme Chinaman play this monumental video game with an offensive black accent is sure to bring joy to the people.

Probably, everyone needs a break at this point.

Let’s have a fun time and play this game together.